Saturday, July 25, 2009

Up to Speed

Let me bring you up to speed. I know nothing. You are now up to speed.

Grace turned 1 on July 9. It's been an amazing year filled with growth, learning, and more love than I ever knew could exist. Grace has grown from a tiny ball of fuzz to a tottering, babbling goofball. She has at least 8 teeth now, with some more coming in. Often, I find myself thinking she is older upstairs than she appears on the outside. I find her doing the most curious things, like sitting with a book and acting as if she's reading it.
One day I turned around and she was laying on the floor, spread eagle, just staring at the ceiling.

This month alone was filled with milestones, from starting to walk, to first pony rides, and fireworks. She also got her first kiddie pool

Her birthday was especially fun. Nobody really goes into detail about that first birthday cake. Wow!

She slept in really late this morning, which was nice. I guess tylenol has magical, potent, sleeping powers. Now she is waddling around, playing with her toys. In the little nightie we bought her, she reminds of E.T. with his beer can, in a similar nightie, bumping into things.

Happy birthday, Queen of my Universe!


sacrifice said...

awesome pictures
she looks like LOADS of fun!