Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's A New Feature, Darling

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.
Andy STILL can't decide what he wants for dinner. I told him blatantly, "I just want a frickin' cheeseburger! McDonalds, Five Guys, In N Out... take your pick." He laughed. So now I'm hunting down a restaurant that meets his specs (sit down, relax, people bring food to you), where they serve a cheeseburger I can actually eat. I thought Outback would be a good option. Whenever I ate there, I always got veggies instead of fries & stuff. I thought of their bloomin onion burger. MMMM! Divine. Yeah, no. 2000+ sodium!
I feel like I choke & gag with sticker shock when I look at the nutritional value on some of the stuff I used to eat.
Mimi's Cafe has a 1/2 lb cheeseburger for less than 1000 sodium. Might be an option
Andy implied, "It's a special occasion, dear..." I told him I refuse to put on 3 lbs because of a 2000 sodium cheeseburger. I refuse to put weight back on EVER. *Mimics Edna Mole from The Incredibles* You must fight... WIN!
It's a new feature, darling ;)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Peanut Butter... VEGGIE Time?!

So I just polished off a tall, steaming mug of Godiva dark hot chocolate, complete with homemade sugar-free whip cream, slightly less stiff than butter. MMMMM!
It was awesome.
Now... can anyone explain why I'm craving VEGGIES like nobody's business? I just want some stir fry now. Gaaaah! How long until dinner tomorrow? 20 HOURS? What do you mean 20 HOURS?!!
It's amazing how my body is changing internally (as well as externally) on this journey. Instead of cheeseburgers, I crave stir fry. Want to hear something really sad? I'm an absolute HOUND for egg nog. Well, I used to be. I was getting shivers of delight and ecstasy just thinking about it last week. I decided to splurge and get some, and vowed that a quart would last me through Christmas, because of it's high calories. I couldn't wait to sink into the orgasmic creaminess of it. I popped off the top, hoisted the jug to my lips, aaaand... Wait a second. I don't remember egg nog tasting like THIS!
Suddenly, egg nog is found lacking. WHAT THE FUDGE?!
Anyone want a quart of egg nog?

On a bright note, we've done a LOT better about not eating out all the time.
1) Nothing really appeals to me.
2) If I have a craving, I find a healthier way to make it.

Just the other night we had pizza. I made an amazing, supreme style pizza. It was like 6 inches tall from all the toppings. Now, normally, 1-2 pieces of Za from your favorite chain would normally run 600-800 calories, right? The pizza I made... Less than 700 calories in HALF the pie! HALF!!!
It was a large pizza, too! I only used 1 cup of cheese for the whole pizza, and piled my side high with bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, red onion, pineapple... I don't even like olives or mushrooms! Andy made a 2nd pizza, and I started munching on that too, but restrained myself. Eat your heart out, Pizza The Hutt!

More good news: Thanks to diet and exercise, my blood sugar keeps dropping. Coincidentally, so does the amount of insulin I give myself in a day. Within the last month, I've dropped down by HALF. Clarene is going to be so psyched when she sees me in February. Hopefully I can keep up the weight loss. I'm down to 235 now. I wonder if I can get down to 230 by Christmas?

Maybe if I stop drinking hot chocolate.


Monday, December 7, 2009

"BLEAH" and "BLECH!"

So I had just finished my Biggest Loser Yoga workout with Bob when I heard "BLEAH!" across the baby monitor. I had a sinking sensation what it was. I went into check on Grace, because I heard the ominous "BLEAH!" again, and sure enough... regurgitated dinner EVERYWHERE. Joy.
So hubby & I got her hosed off, hosed off her bedding, and put her in clean clothes. I told her Mommy & her would put a movie on and have a nice 'nuggle. I take her to the living room and lean over with her to let her pick out a movie and... "BLEAH!" all over the carpet.
I called Andy to come running so I could clean up. She had gotten it on her clean pajamas, so I grabbed another clean set. Finally we cuddled up on the couch, and I put "Up" on, because she hasn't seen it yet. I'm relishing this quiet time, snuggling close to the love of my life, when she sits up, crawls to the other side of me, and... "BLEAH!"
She hasn't thrown up since, and just asked for some water, which I obliged.

And yes, in case you're wondering, even after all of that hullabaloo, being a mom is STILL the best job in the world!