Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heffaplump & Whoozle

Heffaplumps and whoozles are very confuzles.

I saw Broberg on Monday for a checkup, and he was just as confused about my ever-changing due date. First it was the 8th, then the 16th, then it was the 10th, and lastly the 7th. What the heck? I practically begged him not to change it again, mainly for the sake of having to change all my tickers again. This is what happens when you have several doctors seeing to your pregnancy.
We were able to pick up Mini Gerschler's heartbeat with the doppler through my ever increasingly heffaPLUMP belly. Mini Gerschler's heartbeat was galloping along nicely, about twice as fast as my own. It's funny how they harmonize. Two beats in between every one of mine, like some foreign yet familiar waltz. I also mentioned the spasms/muscle twitches I've been having down there, noting how people tell me what kicking is supposed to feel like; "Ooh, it feels like bubbles, or butterflies, or gas". I'm sorry, but when I have gas down there, I'm in horrible pain. So I told Broberg this and how I've been feeling twitches, or the sensation of drumming one's fingers on a desk. He said it's probably the baby, and was surprised because apparently it's still a little early, but I try to tune in to my body and concentrate on the things I should be feeling... at least from what I've read.
I had lots of other questions too, and he began to wonder what else goes on in my marvelous little mind. I smiled at him & said "Wouldn't you love to know."
The only downside to the exam was another firm "No" on the kenolog treatment for my keloid. So that's it. 2 out of 3 "No"s. I have to be uncomfortable and bear with it until the baby comes.
To give you an idea of what it's like, try sleeping with a marble against your head... and that's on the days when it doesn't hurt.

So that was Monday.

Wednesday I saw the eye doctor for the first time in almost 3 years. They did all sorts of testing. They had to test the pressure on my eyes twice. Once with the air puff (I hate that), and again when the reading came back too high. They numbed my eyes and pressed this probe against the lense of my eyeball. It came back fine that time. The doctor was also concerned about my non-existent peripheral vision. They tested that, but it also came back within the acceptable ranges. The doc prescribed me new glasses (yay) and dilated my eyes. During the dilation, I started feeling really whoozy and queasy. This has never happened to me before. I've always had dilation with no problems. We got through the main part of the dilation exam without me passing out (narrowly).

So there you have it. I am heffaplump, whoozled, and very confuzled.

To update you on hubby's work situation, the fridiot who owns the company he works for continues to further screw things up. Last week he laid off the entire company, so Andy was jobless. The next day he hired back a skeleton crew, so then Andy had a job again. Then they had a meeting. Everyone was getting raises. Nobody will be paid. No one has ownership in anything they've created for the company, but they will receive a commemorative box of chocolates so that they will know their value to the company. WHAT THE @$*%?! That better be one helluva box of chocolates... 24k white gold plaited. *Bangs head on desk*
On a positive note, Andy has been given permission to look for a paying job while still working for the fridiot. He's already had several job offers, but he's hesitant to take any of them, and the one he likes is paying crappy, with no health insurance. Andy needs to find a job where he will be paid what he's really worth. There's been a great offer in Salt Lake, but it would take a lot of time out of the poor man's life, but the pay is very good and we'd continue to have health insurance right away.
I know he's trying to do what's best for our little family, but I just want him to grab his cajones and bull his way to the best salary he can get, because he's worth it... even if he's the only one that doesn't know it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I know it's been a long time between posts. Not a whole lot exciting has been happening as far as the baby's concerned. I know I'm supposed to be feeling kicking, but haven't felt anything near what's described by every mom and every pregnancy website.
"Oh, you'll feel butterflies, or bubbles..." Uh-huh. All I've had are things that feel more like muscle twitches than anything else. Maybe it's the baby, but as a first-timer, I'm pretty clueless. I keep waiting for butterflies or bubbles, but I just get these muscle twitches, about the same time in the evening. I will be sure to tell Dr. Broberg about it, who we see next week... if we can still afford to.
You see, hubby may be losing his job through no fault of his own. The fridiot that is the main investor of the company is going broke. He was in the middle of a sale to another company, but he backed out. Now he can't even afford to pay his employees, and there are some in his company who haven't gotten paid AT ALL this month. I told Andy that if he gets another paycheck, take the money and RUN. Find a better job. One that will pay him what he's worth, give us better benefits, and help us toward our financial goals in life (out of debt, new house, car, etc).
In about an hour or so, the fridiot will gather his company together to tell them whether or not he's going to pay them. He's been sitting on a water deal that keeps falling through. So if it goes through today, he'll be able to do another two months of pay rolls at best.
Needless to say, I am upset over all of this, and have been trying to move the horses I paint to help bring in money. Worse case scenario: sell the collection. It's not much, but it'll pay my bills, and help hubby out.
So, yeah, I'm really worried that we won't be able to see my doctors because of the job in question. Hubby loses job: we lose our health insurance. Oh, snap. If only I could express to you how hard it was for me, emotionally, to take a step towards finding Clarene in the first place. For two years I let my diabetes go out of control, because I did not want to see a new doctor, because it was not "my" doctor. Now to think I would have to face that all again (losing a really great doctor, that is), makes my stomach churn. No doubt I would find one, of course, the baby's health is more important than my own, but still. The butterflies I feel right now are definitely not the baby kicking.
And back to the baby...
Can everyone please stop asking "So do you know what you're having yet?". It's driving me bananas. I get asked it every day, sometimes multiple times. I never expected something so exciting to get on my nerves so quickly.
To answer your question in brief: Yes, I know what I'm having. A baby.
We find out the gender on Valentines... that is if we still have a job and insurance. Mom has already purchased her plane ticket to come out for the ultrasound, which makes me even antsier. This was supposed to be a very special and exciting time in my life, and Mom coming out to spend time with her only baby, and find out the gender of her only baby's first baby, was going to be icing on the chocolate cake. Instead, I feel like morning sickness is catching up with me because of all the bull-puckey going down at hubby's work.
I could continue venting and raving on like this, but I'm sure it's not going to do anyone (especially myself) any good. I will post again on Monday for sure and let you know whether or not we were able to see the OB.

Heart Sick till next time,
The Pregnant Diabetic

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

So you may have noticed the new monthly bump photo in my avatar. It is showing more this time because we've always found the baby bellow the belly button in ultrasounds. So there's my chubby ol' pooch. Sorry if you're offended by the blubber. Try not to blubber about it :oP

Yesterday we went to see the Otolaryngologist. Basically we waited 2 hours to be told "These are your options, now go discuss them with your 3 other doctors". We go back next month to tell him the answer. Clarene already said no, and that I have to wait until after the baby comes, because the steroid Riddle wants to inject will spike my sugar big time for about 2 months. It's actually a drug used to help a baby's lungs to mature in the last few weeks of pregnancy, but I think Clarene is more concerned with the sugar spiking and that affecting the baby, rather than the steroid itself. We see the OB on the 28th of the month and ask him, and then the Perionatalogist on Feb 14. Whew.

We saw Clarene today and she was amazed with my sugars. I've also successfully brought my hA1c down to a 6.0. Go me! This is a huge achievement from 13+ only a year ago. I told Clarene she could use me as an inspiration to her other patients, she said she could, but it was more important to be an inspiration to my baby. And that got me to thinking... when I hold my baby in 6 months, I am going to tell him how much I love him, and how hard I worked to get him down here.
If I was to write a book on how to get one's blood sugar down to a level one's doctor would be thrilled about (From an hA1c of 13 to 6 in Under One Year: How I Did It) it would have one line: "
Isa 28:13"
If you are not familiar with this piece of scripture, allow me to expand upon the subject; "....precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little...."
The book would be an international best seller.

So now that we've had that moment of reflection, allow me to share the new Monthly Bump photos.

NOTE: I am not in pain... although my pants are starting to get a little snug. I am just being cute & silly :oD

Big, chubby pooch.

Welcome to the second trimester, everyone!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Weekly Slacker

Okay, now that I'm in better spirits, I should admit what a slacker I've been.
I know, I know. I promised you monthly bump pictures, but we haven't gotten to that yet. I also vowed to do work in my studio the first week of January. Y'know, start the year off right. Yeah, like that happened, lol. I did some work today though. I was working on cleaning up a resin for painting, and found all these itty bitty minute seams and pinholes on him. I am miffed. I paid extra for this piece because it was advertised as professionally prepped by one of the more notable preppers in the hobby. Urgh. I want $50 back so I can send him to my prepper who knows what she's doing! Only problem is I bought him in September, so I'm not sure if I can finagle my cash back.

On a high note, my sugar has been FANTABULOUS. Clarene will be psyched. I have reached a new record low of 72, and hit 70 again the day after... this is AFTER chowing down on sour patch candy. Mmm... sour... hey, y'think we're having a boy? Old wives tales say craving sour = boys.

Speaking of the baby, I had a great dream last night. I dreamt I could see Mini Gersch's little foot sort of pressing through my skin-- just the imprint (okay, that's kinda creepy, but read on), so I reached down and tickled the spot, and I could feel him jump like "Holy... what the heck was that?" Then I turned into the light in the room, and I could see everything inside the womb, and I started crying because it was so beautiful. I also saw little boy parts, tee hee. He looked just like Andy, as far as facial features go. But then later I had a dream that I was holding a little daughter in my lap, and she was so beautiful. She was also just a little thing. Not more than 7 or 8 pounds at a few weeks old. Ah, to have a normal 7 pounder as opposed to my fear of a great big diabetic water baby.
I think I'm really at peace with whoever we're having first, as long as they're healthy and normal.

Normal... *snort* who the heck is normal these days?

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to Logan. My niece is having her new baby girl blessed at church. It's so exciting to have a great-niece. Gosh, I'm only 25. Should I feel old?

After that, I have the keloid appointment with Riddle on Monday, and I see Clarene the next morning.

I hope you've enjoyed my random post, and just wanted to let you know that I am aware I've been a slacker. My apologies, and I'll get those monthly bump pictures put up as soon as I stop slacking off. Whenever that may be :D

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, and all that jazz. May it be a productive and prosperous one for all.
Once again we are greeted to another new year. And, much to the relief of most normal, optimistic people, the world has not blown up, despite our best efforts to pollute the ozone and corrupt the human race.
Yes, I'm crabby.

Welcome, not only to the bright new year, but also new foreign hormones that make me hate men. Unless you lack male reproductive organs, don't flippin' touch me. Hubby has taken the brunt of this, even though I've told him it's nothing personal. However, all these new cold shoulder feelings have made any sort of display of affection difficult. Hubby is lucky. I'm this . close to unleashing Shera on Aaron who doesn't seem to be entirely motivated to do anything at all for himself, and seems totally naive to marriage and pregnancy. I'm the only one around here entitled to slack off, and even I've been busy in my studio.

On a more positive note, my sugar has been pretty good, and I'm getting the keloid on my ear looked at next Monday. I hope they can treat it before the baby comes, as I would prefer to have as little distraction as possible during that time. I'm a big wimp as it is, and don't need extra pain on top of sleepless nights and a screaming, pooping, baby. I'll be taking new "Monthly Bump" photos on Wednesday, as we'll be in our second trimester then.
It's already shaping up to be a busy month with the keloid appointment on Monday, Clarene on Tuesday, and an OB visit later on in January.
Maybe I'll tell you about the baby clothes I've been buying in the next update. I really need to de-crab... hmm... that doesn't sound right.

Happy New Year.