Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Weekly Slacker

Okay, now that I'm in better spirits, I should admit what a slacker I've been.
I know, I know. I promised you monthly bump pictures, but we haven't gotten to that yet. I also vowed to do work in my studio the first week of January. Y'know, start the year off right. Yeah, like that happened, lol. I did some work today though. I was working on cleaning up a resin for painting, and found all these itty bitty minute seams and pinholes on him. I am miffed. I paid extra for this piece because it was advertised as professionally prepped by one of the more notable preppers in the hobby. Urgh. I want $50 back so I can send him to my prepper who knows what she's doing! Only problem is I bought him in September, so I'm not sure if I can finagle my cash back.

On a high note, my sugar has been FANTABULOUS. Clarene will be psyched. I have reached a new record low of 72, and hit 70 again the day after... this is AFTER chowing down on sour patch candy. Mmm... sour... hey, y'think we're having a boy? Old wives tales say craving sour = boys.

Speaking of the baby, I had a great dream last night. I dreamt I could see Mini Gersch's little foot sort of pressing through my skin-- just the imprint (okay, that's kinda creepy, but read on), so I reached down and tickled the spot, and I could feel him jump like "Holy... what the heck was that?" Then I turned into the light in the room, and I could see everything inside the womb, and I started crying because it was so beautiful. I also saw little boy parts, tee hee. He looked just like Andy, as far as facial features go. But then later I had a dream that I was holding a little daughter in my lap, and she was so beautiful. She was also just a little thing. Not more than 7 or 8 pounds at a few weeks old. Ah, to have a normal 7 pounder as opposed to my fear of a great big diabetic water baby.
I think I'm really at peace with whoever we're having first, as long as they're healthy and normal.

Normal... *snort* who the heck is normal these days?

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to Logan. My niece is having her new baby girl blessed at church. It's so exciting to have a great-niece. Gosh, I'm only 25. Should I feel old?

After that, I have the keloid appointment with Riddle on Monday, and I see Clarene the next morning.

I hope you've enjoyed my random post, and just wanted to let you know that I am aware I've been a slacker. My apologies, and I'll get those monthly bump pictures put up as soon as I stop slacking off. Whenever that may be :D