Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, and all that jazz. May it be a productive and prosperous one for all.
Once again we are greeted to another new year. And, much to the relief of most normal, optimistic people, the world has not blown up, despite our best efforts to pollute the ozone and corrupt the human race.
Yes, I'm crabby.

Welcome, not only to the bright new year, but also new foreign hormones that make me hate men. Unless you lack male reproductive organs, don't flippin' touch me. Hubby has taken the brunt of this, even though I've told him it's nothing personal. However, all these new cold shoulder feelings have made any sort of display of affection difficult. Hubby is lucky. I'm this . close to unleashing Shera on Aaron who doesn't seem to be entirely motivated to do anything at all for himself, and seems totally naive to marriage and pregnancy. I'm the only one around here entitled to slack off, and even I've been busy in my studio.

On a more positive note, my sugar has been pretty good, and I'm getting the keloid on my ear looked at next Monday. I hope they can treat it before the baby comes, as I would prefer to have as little distraction as possible during that time. I'm a big wimp as it is, and don't need extra pain on top of sleepless nights and a screaming, pooping, baby. I'll be taking new "Monthly Bump" photos on Wednesday, as we'll be in our second trimester then.
It's already shaping up to be a busy month with the keloid appointment on Monday, Clarene on Tuesday, and an OB visit later on in January.
Maybe I'll tell you about the baby clothes I've been buying in the next update. I really need to de-crab... hmm... that doesn't sound right.

Happy New Year.


~Jenn Danza~ said...

Happy New Year! Im enjoying your blog very much!
Oh...25 isnt old. You only think its old till you hit 35. LOL Good vibes your way for more energy and good days with baby growing happily inside you. :)