Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun

So you may have noticed the new monthly bump photo in my avatar. It is showing more this time because we've always found the baby bellow the belly button in ultrasounds. So there's my chubby ol' pooch. Sorry if you're offended by the blubber. Try not to blubber about it :oP

Yesterday we went to see the Otolaryngologist. Basically we waited 2 hours to be told "These are your options, now go discuss them with your 3 other doctors". We go back next month to tell him the answer. Clarene already said no, and that I have to wait until after the baby comes, because the steroid Riddle wants to inject will spike my sugar big time for about 2 months. It's actually a drug used to help a baby's lungs to mature in the last few weeks of pregnancy, but I think Clarene is more concerned with the sugar spiking and that affecting the baby, rather than the steroid itself. We see the OB on the 28th of the month and ask him, and then the Perionatalogist on Feb 14. Whew.

We saw Clarene today and she was amazed with my sugars. I've also successfully brought my hA1c down to a 6.0. Go me! This is a huge achievement from 13+ only a year ago. I told Clarene she could use me as an inspiration to her other patients, she said she could, but it was more important to be an inspiration to my baby. And that got me to thinking... when I hold my baby in 6 months, I am going to tell him how much I love him, and how hard I worked to get him down here.
If I was to write a book on how to get one's blood sugar down to a level one's doctor would be thrilled about (From an hA1c of 13 to 6 in Under One Year: How I Did It) it would have one line: "
Isa 28:13"
If you are not familiar with this piece of scripture, allow me to expand upon the subject; "....precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little...."
The book would be an international best seller.

So now that we've had that moment of reflection, allow me to share the new Monthly Bump photos.

NOTE: I am not in pain... although my pants are starting to get a little snug. I am just being cute & silly :oD

Big, chubby pooch.

Welcome to the second trimester, everyone!


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