Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarah & Sarah

When I was 6 years old, my mom was heavily pregnant with my baby sister, Sarah. Two weeks before she was due, she went in for a checkup, and was told her baby had passed away. They made her finish carrying her, and then took her. My mom was diabetic. About the same time, I started packing on weight. I was a 99 lb kindergartner and a 150 lb 10 year old.

Enter Sarah Fragoso-- fellow mom, superhero, and author of Everyday Paleo. Even if you're not interested in the Paleo lifestyle, I firmly believe THIS IS A BOOK EVERY FAMILY SHOULD HAVE! It is loaded with good ol' fashioned, clean eating, complete with 1 month grocery list, meal plan, recipes, fitness plan, and how to get your family on board.

I can't help but think that knowing about healthy eating now would have helped my mom & I back then.

In honor of my sister, Sarah, who would be in her early 20s now, I am going to pull a Julie & Julia. If you haven't seen the movie, it's really cute. Julie cooks her way through Julia Child's cookbook, and divulges her daily adventures in doing so.

Thus, from June 1 - June 30, I will cook my way through Everyday Paleo. Fun, huh!

Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breakfast For Dinner

So yesterday I went on a 10 & 1/4 mile walk with my friend Stacey. Thanks, Stacey, for having the bravery to do that crazy feat with me, with all 3 of our kids in tow! They were such great little troopers. What was the occasion? IT STOPPED RAINING! Seriously, it rained all of last week, pretty much nonstop. Big downer. Kinda made my hormones go crazy, and I was in a funk the last few days.

So I had my 3 month check up with Clarene on Monday. She's concerned about an increase in my cholesterol, but I asked her to let me work on it over the summer. She agreed, and we'll retest in August. I will be eating more fat, but leaner cuts of critter. I will still be eating beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, but will trim the first 3 of their fat from now on, and up my intake of yummy coconut oil, and avocados.
Which brings me to another item on the agenda. I haven't lost more than 10 lbs in the last year. Do you know how frustrating that is? I feel like I've tried everything (including switching to a diet/lifestyle that many would deem unhealthy & unsafe), and I'm at my wit's end. Needless to say, frustration has started leading me down a very dark path-- binging, and getting into foods I shouldn't be having. It's the worst on the days I'm the most upset. So I came to a decision. I set my calories on My Fitness Pal & Daily Burn to MAINTAIN for the summer. If I don't think about my weight at all, and only weigh in when I need to update my HRM for accuracy (when I know I'm going to burn mega cals like yesterday's 1,616 cal walk), then maybe it will come off. I'll focus on eating clean, and getting my blood sugar numbers under control. Maybe my weight loss wants to go into stealth mode, so I'm giving it the opportunity. Maybe more calories is what my body needs. And I also realize I'm built like a Quarter Horse/brick, not a Thoroughbred. So maybe my body doesn't want to be 148. Maybe it's starting to settle. Maybe I've been losing for too long and it just refuses to give any more. There's a lot of maybes. Can you see how that would all play with one's mind? A lot of stress, my friend. So I'm gonna worry about fixing me from the inside out for now. I still see 248 lbs when I look in the mirror, even though I'm at a healthy body fat percentage for the first time in my life, and the lightest weight I've been since middle school. Clothes I wore in high school are loose on me. Oh my heck! I just admitted I still wear clothes from 10 years ago, lol.
Anyway, I ramble, and you get the general idea, right?

Now to the title of the blog. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? I made almond/coconut/flax meal waffles last night, with uncured bacon, and eggs scrambled with coconut milk. I thought it was fantastic. Hubby was not as impressed. Honestly, Andy, I think you have a sugar problem & should totally do Whole 30! Anyway, he left me almost 1/2 a waffle which I enjoyed thoroughly for breakfast.
Haven't had waffles since Christmas, and just had to have one. I put warm coconut cream concentrate on mine instead of syrup.

Also, we recently made meatza. It's delicious. Try it! The "crust" is made of ground hamburg, and ground italian turkey sausage. Basically pretend you're making a meatloaf, only roll it out into a pizza shape, and cook it. Then you can treat it like a regular pizza. You don't need breading to hold it together, just eggs and a lot of dry seasoning. The seasoning acts as breading.
I don't eat a lot of dairy any more, but yes, that is mozzarella on there. And it was delicious.

Lastly, I made this on a day I was feeling BLAH. Broccoli salad with grapes, diced apple, and bacon. Andy said he liked it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quick, Look Busy. JESUS IS COMING!

So this is what a post apocalyptic world looks like. Hmm... it's startling similar to the day before. In case you were not aware, the world was supposed to end yesterday. I confess I was a little nervous. Apocalypse movies scare the living @#$^ out of me. Luckily, I reminded myself of the passage from the scriptures "No man knoweth the hour..." when the Lord will come again. Furthermore, President Thomas S Monson, our Prophet, hasn't said anything. I figure if any man DID know, it would probably be him, since I believe he is the current voice of God on Earth. When I hear him say something, that's when I'll whip out my "Quick, Look Busy. JESUS IS COMING!" bumper sticker.
But that also got me to thinking... if Heavenly Father didn't want to tell anyone, including the prophet, would I recognize Jesus's return?
What if he looked like you and me. What if he was just some homeless man on the street? What if...?
Would the spirit speak to me? Would I know? I mean REALLY know? Is my life in line with God's eternal plan enough that I would KNOW? Is yours?
Think about it.
Because my knees are eager to bow, and tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ and King and has come again. He lives. We're just waiting.

I also cannot fear it. I was sealed to my husband and our posterity in a beautiful temple for all eternity. No mortal death can separate us. They will be there with me on the other side.
Lastly, I love those last few moments of the day when I get to hold my Gracie close. I feel her heart flutter against my hand. I close my eyes and feel the real rapture.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rapture

Addressing the world ending today:
First of all-- are all my friends in Oz okay? Cuz it should be May 22nd there.

FOR THE RAPTURE: We’re going to need three goats, an hourglass, one of us is going to need to learn how to play the trumpet while the other does this:


And lastly,
I don't mean to offend anyone that does believe the rapture is happening today. I, for one, DO believe Jesus will come again. Just not today. When the prophet of my church speaks up and says get your act together, that's when I will pull out my "Quick, Look Busy. JESUS IS COMING!" bumper sticker.

If you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, see here:

Off to enjoy a GORGEOUS day. So glad it finally stopped raining.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent Eats

Grace has eaten very well today! She even ate the pancakes I made her. They were made with whipped egg white, banana, and MojoMilk (my new favorite chocolate commodity). For lunch I grated cheese over several slices of pastrami, melted it, then wrapped it up. Served it with baby carrots and pickles. Dinner is going to be shrimp tacos, recipe courtesy of Everyday Paleo.
Also I wanted to share some pictures with you of our recent eats.

Grace & Andy enjoying some homemade popsicles I made for them. Made with unfiltered all natural apple juice, fresh strawberries, and sprite zero

Egg white crepe with some Fage total & blackberries inside

Don't pretend you don't want some of this! Everyday Paleo sexy steak skewers

Everyday Paleo "breaded" baked chicken (made with coconut flour and spices)

Mmm, popsicles!

Liver lettuce wrap with tomatoes and chipotle mayo. Liver desperately needs A1 sauce!

Also wanted to mention a non scale victory today. I am trying to be super good for my checkup on Monday with Clarene. Was at mall with friend & her 2 kids, and they said "Let's get a free fudge sample from Kara Chocolates". I had no idea they did free samples. So I said cool and we went. The fudge looked so good! Cherry amaretto, mint chocolate, toffee, cookies and cream... I let Grace have some, and I wanted some, but I knew even 1 bite would probably send me into a sugar eating spiral binge when I got home. Yay me for not having any!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There's a Wild Fandango in the Zoo!

Okay, I know, random title. If you've been to the movies, you may have seen the commercial with the guy trying to get into the theater & he cries out "THERE'S A WILD FANDANGO IN THE THEATER!" I think it was before Fandango started using the paper bag puppets.
Anyway, we went to the zoo on Saturday with our friends. They had never been, so we excitedly showed them around. My camera died right in the middle of the Elephant presentation, so I missed getting pics of baby Zuri doing HANDSTANDS (it was pretty frickin awesome)
But here are the pics I did get. BTW, please exhibit caution if you visit Hogle Zoo. There are dinosaurs running rampant.

Also wanted to mention a great post I read at Primal Kitchen this morning. I frequently struggle with getting Grace to eat, so this post was reassuring. Healthy Food Methods with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Overcoming The Fat Girl Mentality

This week, despite my fitness accomplishments, I must confess that I have been feeling, well... FAT. I haven't hesitated to let it be known either. Earlier this week I was complaining about the way my thighs squish out. Ever since I was about 10, and aware of my body and the way it looked, I've been at war with my ginormous thighs. I LOATHE them. I can live with a tummy, cankles, and back rolls, but apparently giant thighs are unacceptable to myself. I can see some definition in them, and recently measured them. 20". I looked up what the average female thigh was, expecting something much smaller.
Guess what.
I'm average.
The average thigh is 20".
So I measured my calf, trying to justify my fatness. 15".
The average female calf is 15".
WTF! This can't be right. I AM FAT!
The size 4 shorts I tried on last week beg to argue.
So I go and measure my body fat. My bathroom scale says I'm 36% BF. People always say how notoriously wrong bathroom scales are, so I plugged in some measurements online. They all averaged 26% BF.
For the first time in my life I'M AVERAGE.
Not only that, but I'm HEALTHY.

I was in the shower this morning and had an epiphany.
"OMG, I'm turning into one of those obnoxious skinny chicks who complain they're fat!"
I remember being 248 lbs, and dying inside whenever someone even remotely close to the weight I wanted to be would complain about their weight. I swore I'd never be like them, because, Dude, I'd kill to be you! I'm sure my old self would tell my new self that. But now, I've caught myself in a place where I was becoming the exact thing I swore never to become.
Apparently embracing a new self image is the hardest pill to swallow.
Off to church to shoot the fat, jealous devil on my shoulder ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photo Update

So it occurred to me that I didn't post pictures of Easter or anything, so here's some updates.



Complete with watermelon, tomatoes, raspberries, golden berries, black berries (can ya tell I have a fruit addiction?), cucumbers, purple bell pepper (had to have it, never seen a purple bell pepper!), rosemary, thyme, and summer squash

(It's so pretty! Hand-squeezed key limes over a coconut milk chocolate ganache bottom in an oreo pie crust, fresh key lime zest on top)



Thanks for playing along!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Don't Eat Crap

As much as I'd like to tell you that "I don't eat crap", I confess that, in reality, I do. Now, I don't know why, but I feel compelled to tell you about the processed food in my house. Fresh veggies don't count, same with meat in the freezer. Here's a list:

homemade chipotle mayo (using safflower mayo & canned chipotles in adobo)
stoneground mustard
yellow mustard
miracle whip
salad dressing
bbq sauce
ranch dressing
Fage Greek yogurt
lunch meat
coconut flour
almond flour
arrowroot powder
tapioca pearls
coconut oil
coconut cream concentrate
coconut butter
almond butter
coconut milk
100% unfiltered apple juice
Cocoa powder
Carob powder
Tomato paste
hemp protein powder

chia seed

as you can see, I'm a little bit normal. I have more processed food in the house than unprocessed (like most Americans, LOL). You may notice standard kitchen food staples missing. Let's see if you can name them! Oh, and I only eat 20 of the foods on the list. Can you guess which ones they are?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In My Daughter's Eyes

Every time I hear the song "In My Daughter's Eyes", I well up with tears. As a tribute to moms, sisters, aunts, and daughter's everywhere this Mother's Day, I have created this photo blog post. Several of the photos are taken by my almost-three-year-old daughter. It's truly through her eyes.
Lyrics, of course, copyright of Martina McBride.

I have embedded the youtube video for your listening convenience.

P.S. I confess to blubbering through this entire creation process.

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero

I am strong and wise and I know no fear

But the truth is plain to see

She was sent to rescue me

I see who I wanna be

In my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal

Darkness turns to light and the world is at peace

This miracle God gave to me

gives me strength when I am weak

I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand around my finger

Oh it puts a smile in my heart

Everything becomes a little clearer

I realize what life is all about

It's hangin' on when your heart has had enough

It's giving more when you feel like giving up

I've seen the light

It's in my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes I can see the future

A reflection of who I am and what will be

Though she'll grow and someday leave

Maybe raise a family

When I'm gone I hope you see how happy she made me

For I'll be there

In my daughter's eyes