Sunday, May 1, 2011

Whole 30 Over!

I'm sure you're all wondering by now, that is if you've realized today is May 1st, how I survived my Whole 30 experience.

Well, here I am. I survived. I admit to a few slips, but Whole 30 has done amazing things for me.

Biggest blessing:
Whole 30 helped me divorce my scale. I never have to see him again. He was mentally abusive anyway. Andy will weigh me in once a month, and log my progress for me. I will also weigh in whenever I see Clarene, approximately every 3 months.

Prior to Whole 30, I would weigh myself obsessively-- several times a day. "I went to the bathroom, how much do I weigh?" "I just got back from the gym, how much water did I sweat out?" "Leprechauns are outside, WHAT DO I WEIGH?!"
You get the idea. It was unhealthy, and doing things to me emotionally.
If you are reading this, thinking "That's how I feel" or "Hey, that's me", you NEED to do Whole 30 and DIVORCE YOUR SCALE!

So what else did I gain from Whole 30? More self discipline and better compliance. I've been waiting for May 1st for a long time. I wanted some bacon, gosh darnit! And Fage Total. So this morning I had just that. Delicious bacon (oh, baby, how I've missed you!), along with some egg white crepes, stuffed ala taco style with fage total and blackberries. YUM!
Now don't laugh about compliance here, but I launched into a binge. I admit to being completely jealous of hubby & Grace on Easter, so I started chowing down on Easter candy.
IT TASTED BLECH! Fact: Whole foods are better (and a heckuva lot tastier) than processed ones.
Knowing this, wholeheartedly, compliance is going to be awesome from here on out.

"But wait", my Mormon friends say, "it's fast Sunday, why in the name of Brigham, Parley, and Joseph are you eating?"
Okay, hang on. Don't go getting any celestial wedgies on yourselves just yet. On Wednesday, I ate breakfast at 10a. I walked to gym, I did weights, I did sprints on TM, walked on track, walked home, walked up and down my street. Rested, made dinner. Walked to Walmart for prescriptions, walked to Primary meeting, walked home. Did not eat until 10a the next day. I WALKED 15 MILES, PEOPLE! It was also a body-led 24 hour natural fast. Not once was I hungry (though I did think "gosh, a sprite would be great right now!" in the sunny warmth of the day). This experience taught me that while my mind is ready for a marathon, my body is most definitely NOT. I was SO sore the next day! This experience also drew me closer to Heavenly Father as I was thanking him over and over for the invention of both the heating pad and aspercreme!
So, in all fairness-- 24 hour fast, deep grattitude to the Lord-- I think I'm set for today. I had a double fast last month anyway :P

Anyway, back to Whole 30. I know you're dying to know the results:

WEIGHT LOST: 0 lbs (well, this one's actually kind of a trick answer. On My Fitness Pal, my last weigh in was February at 169 lbs. My weigh in on March 31 on Daily Burn was 178 lbs. Today I was 169.8 lbs. You decide the weight loss)
INCHES LOST: 1 inches from my hips. Everything else the same.
BODY FAT LOST: 1%. I was 36.4% March 31, and 35.4% today

There's the facts. I'm going to do Whole 30 again in August (no holidays, no excuses, phew!). In August, I will do a Bacon 30. It will be stricter than this round of Whole 30. I'll allow myself meat (including bacon), veggies, fruit, and butter. That's it.

Yes, I'm crazy... but you already knew that ;)