Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent Eats

Grace has eaten very well today! She even ate the pancakes I made her. They were made with whipped egg white, banana, and MojoMilk (my new favorite chocolate commodity). For lunch I grated cheese over several slices of pastrami, melted it, then wrapped it up. Served it with baby carrots and pickles. Dinner is going to be shrimp tacos, recipe courtesy of Everyday Paleo.
Also I wanted to share some pictures with you of our recent eats.

Grace & Andy enjoying some homemade popsicles I made for them. Made with unfiltered all natural apple juice, fresh strawberries, and sprite zero

Egg white crepe with some Fage total & blackberries inside

Don't pretend you don't want some of this! Everyday Paleo sexy steak skewers

Everyday Paleo "breaded" baked chicken (made with coconut flour and spices)

Mmm, popsicles!

Liver lettuce wrap with tomatoes and chipotle mayo. Liver desperately needs A1 sauce!

Also wanted to mention a non scale victory today. I am trying to be super good for my checkup on Monday with Clarene. Was at mall with friend & her 2 kids, and they said "Let's get a free fudge sample from Kara Chocolates". I had no idea they did free samples. So I said cool and we went. The fudge looked so good! Cherry amaretto, mint chocolate, toffee, cookies and cream... I let Grace have some, and I wanted some, but I knew even 1 bite would probably send me into a sugar eating spiral binge when I got home. Yay me for not having any!