Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby 1 : Me 0

Morning sickness... what's that?
Generally I try to keep the fact to myself that I escaped morning sickness during my first pregnancy. On the rare occasion that it has slipped out, I usually get dirty looks from fellow women on a similar pilgrimage toward motherhood, and one friend even told me, jokingly, "I hate you."
I have enjoyed escaping this dreaded symptom for five months. Indeed I took a great deal of pride in the fact that it was simply, for me, a state of mind over matter. My queasiness was nothing that a ginger snap or ritz cracker, or even a sprite, couldn't fix.
Well, ladies, today I concede to you...

Baby 1: Me 0.

That's right. I, too, have now bowed at the shrine of the porcelain god. To save some grace, I have my excuses.

I've been sick for the past week. It started out as a tickle in the throat, and grew into great discomfort. A cough soon developed. I saw the doctor on Friday and was assured it's just the local bug going around. He was right, as the next day the sore throat gave way to a miserable head cold. While my throat is no longer sore, I still have a cough from general irritation. Unfortunately I sometimes get to coughing so hard that I start to wretch. I avoided a couple trips to the bathroom to relieve my stomach of its contents, but Monday it finally got to me. I coughed so hard I lost my stomach. Luckily it was just a lot of water and only a little bile. It really wasn't so bad. Ever since then, I've been feeling better and stronger. So I must've flushed out the bug somewhere in there.

To further accentuate the positive, we had a checkup on Monday afternoon (they've changed my due date for a fifth time to July 12). Baby is healthy, even after all that hard belly coughing (honestly, I thought I might strangle or squish the poor thing with all the lung-hacking I was doing). She's so healthy in fact that she's been kicking me for the past 4 hours. Normally I enjoy the little movements. The little firecracker-like pops amuse and comfort me. However, they're typically only for brief spouts of time. Not today. It's come to the point where I start poking her back.

Kick, kick...
"Oh yeah? Two can play at that game, sister" *poke*
.... KICK!

Baby 2: Me... still 0

You'll have a general idea of the sensation if you can imagine a muscle constantly twitching for hours on end. I think it's enough to drive anyone bonkers. It came to the point where I told my husband that HIS daughter was driving me crazy. He came in and dutifully told the belly to stop kicking Mommy so much. You wanna know the funny part? She listened. I didn't get kicked for a good half hour, but it's started up again. I see how it is. For Pete's sake, I'm supposed to be the disciplinarian. I have a feeling it might be a daddy's girl ;)

Speaking of Daddy, he's been doing so great. I couldn't ask for a better husband and provider, and he genuinely seems interested in the baby. He is usually pretty good about rubbing the belly before bed and telling her good night. We even had a funny moment last week while we were out. I've been going a little crazy as far as taking over the whole baby registry thing, and the conversation came up on it. I told him we should go to Babies R Us soon so he can run wild with the scanner. His response was so funny, and mockingly shocked: "You mean I... *I* get to pick out things for *MY* daughter's registry? HOLY COW!
Goofy. It was just as fun watching him actually run loose in Babies R Us and study the crazed glaze that slowly came over his eyes as he got into the swing of scanning things for the baby.
And speaking of shopping/finances, he took a good job in Salt Lake. I'm feeling optimistic about the situation, and hope that he'll pick up a little of my confidence for himself. I know we'll be okay. The Lord will look out for us... He has this far :)

So that's my update. I think I see the doctor again on March 17, and then the other 2 doctors on the 31. After that, we change health plans. That should make things interesting. I should post long before the 17. I have some post ideas that I think you may find interesting and entertaining.

Till next time,
The Pregnant Diabetic

P.S. My last hA1c was an earth shattering 5.4
Baby 2 : Me 1

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Big Announcement

I can just imagine you all squirming out there, checking in daily to see if I've made the big announcement. I have you by your breathless baited breath. Maybe I like keeping you in suspense....

We're having a...

On Valentines Day, 2008, my Mom, husband, and I went to our perionatalogist visit at 11 AM. Baby is strong and healthy. 10 fingers, 10 toes, all accounted for from what I can make out on the scans. Heart beat is strong at around 160 or so, and the doctor said the brain looks beautiful & perfect.
Mini Gerschler was ever the ham. Baby kept waving at us, and even looked right at us & waved, then proceeded to suck a thumb. Later on in the scan, when we returned to the head, Mini Gersch was playing peek-a-boo with us. This baby never ceases to amuse me. Not at all shy or modest, three little lines by the bum told us...


Just in case you're clueless, we're having a little girl. They checked 3 times. No outdoor plumbing told us it's a "goyle".

We'll have to wait on having a little boy for now, but I'm very happy with how our baby is developing, and the doctor seemed very pleased with how well my sugar is under control. Furthermore, I'm absolutely relieved to be able to actually pick out gender specific clothing & toys now. No more yellows & greens.

Speaking of colors, you should've heard me going on about how I detest pink.
To generalize: "No pink, I hate pink! I don't want her to be a prissy princess! *HISS*"
Yeah... heh... you want a good laugh? Check out my Babies R Us registry.


Hahaha. I'm such a dork.

All the pink in the registry is completely unintentional, it was just a matter of: "I like this... and that... and Ooh this is nice! That's cute, too"


The last think I wanted was for my closet to look like pepto-bismal exploded all over it. What's wrong with me?

Anyway, not much else has been going on. My throat's a bit sore, so I'm trying to fend off whatever's coming into my system. I really don't want to be sick, but I'm sure I'm run down from all the stress & excitement the last week.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


So it was brought to my attention that the blood sugar and the circumstances which it was taken on my last post was rather alarming. I've since edited the post to clarify what happened so y'all don't think I am driving to McDonalds while nearly unconscious. I had some candy & a glucotab which made me a little more stable prior to leaving the house. Yes, we get a little absent minded when our sugar drops like that, but I knew I needed glucose in my blood stream fast and addressed that issue before doing something stupid like driving alone.
Thanks. I love you, too.

On a perkier note my sugar continues to remain at low levels, although not as frighteningly low as Wednesday evening. I have been getting lots of exercise by cleaning & organizing the house. Everyone is telling me to take it easy, but every day I feel like I've accomplished less and less. I figure I better do this spring cleaning now while I have the energy and the mighty Shera to drive my ambitions rather than later when I am plump to the point of being considered for my own zipcode, or nationhood. My friend's husband is already calling me Waddlesworth... the clock is ticking.

Among the chores I've accomplished are... hey, what have I accomplished? There's that pregnancy brain again. *Thinking hard*
Imagine Pooh Bear contemplating his honey. (Copyright of the important big wigs that own the copyright, of course).

Okay I remember now. I've done laundry, organized the pantry, straightened up the bathroom, dropped stuff off at the D.I. (think salvation army/savers if you're unfamiliar with the D.I.), broken up a walkway full of ice, put stuff in the shed... it doesn't feel like very much when I type it. I guess my list is getting shorter though. I feel like I've done nothing... even though I have sore muscles. It's the good sore from a good workout though. Tired sore. I must be stressed because I keep doing that funny little puffy exhale that I do the week before an important model horse show. It sorta feels like one of those weeks. We're in trouble if I try to pull an all nighter on Tuesday.

One thing I did do to reward myself... okay well it achieved a cleaning task, too... was to buy a new duffle bag to organize my knifty knitter looms in. It's a bag made for quilting, but it holds all my yarn, hat looms, and scarf looms. Lots of fun pockets and zippers... and.... it's ORANGE! I love bright, happy colors. They make me feel good. Plus it's always great to get a new toy to play with, and organizational toys seem to be one of my particular favorites. If I get a new meter, the first thing I must do is figure out what I want in each pocket, nook, and strap of the carrying case. Never mind set the time, code the meter... ORGANIZE THE POUCH! So now I have a great new bag, and my looms aren't all over the floor anymore. Yay! I can reach the electrical socket without tripping over myself! No more pile of random stuff on the floor.

Anyway, I'm tired now. I should probably start trying to unwind before tackling tomorrow's workload. Tomorrow we're going to church, continuing with laundry, and cleaning the bedroom corner... aka the future nursery. Oh, yeah, and I'm taking a nice, leisurely drive to leave Aaron with his older sister for the week. Hello private time with hubby & running around in my underoos again! FREEEEEEDOM!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Record Low

So I hit a new record low blood sugar tonight. I was on the phone talking to my friend Alison when I started feeling kinda funny. Not funny "ha ha", cuz I'm always funny like that, but rather I felt like I was going to black out. I started getting a little whoozy. So I went to test my sugar while still on the phone and it was a record...


That's right. You can scoop your jaw off the floor now. I'm amazed I didn't have to go to the hospital. Instead I wolfed down some candy, popped a glucotab (which was pretty tasty, actually,) and told everyone I needed food NOW. I was trembling to the point I almost couldn't do simple tasks (like my blood sugar in the first place). So I made a McDonald's run for everyone. I was feeling a little better by this point thanks to the candy & glucotab, but I sorta regret McDonalds. I should've just had the chicken nuggets, but I had a double quarter pounder with cheese, and almost had a double cheeseburger too. I'm glad I didn't. I scarfed the fries down on the way home, which I almost never do. I usually don't even touch the fries as they really overkill my sugar, but you kind of go out of your mind when your sugar is that low.
Why was I even driving?
Oh, yeah. Andy has influenza, that's why. Not just the achy, icky flu, but the full blown bad boy. My poor Andy Man. He's been battling a fever since Sunday. It's hard for me to leave his side, let alone keep from mother henning him to death. I just remember when I had pneumonia this time last year & how miserable I was, and I can just imagine how he must feel.
On top of that, my mom is coming to visit next week. I'm excited, of course, but also stressed. Trying to get the house spotlessly clean by one's self, when you're used to having help, is difficult to say the least... it's more difficult when the help you're used to having is very sick and you can't help but worry. So today I made a to do list for the next week. I only gave myself a couple tasks each day, but we'll see how much energy each task actually uses up.
I'm amazed I'm still healthy through all of this. God must have a higher calling for me.
Anyway, I should probably get started on one of the chores I had planned for today. I went to go pick up some groceries earlier before the whole low sugar thing, but the store was closed. So I'll have to do that tomorrow. Guess I'm off to organize the bathrooms so I can clean them tomorrow.