Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Big Announcement

I can just imagine you all squirming out there, checking in daily to see if I've made the big announcement. I have you by your breathless baited breath. Maybe I like keeping you in suspense....

We're having a...

On Valentines Day, 2008, my Mom, husband, and I went to our perionatalogist visit at 11 AM. Baby is strong and healthy. 10 fingers, 10 toes, all accounted for from what I can make out on the scans. Heart beat is strong at around 160 or so, and the doctor said the brain looks beautiful & perfect.
Mini Gerschler was ever the ham. Baby kept waving at us, and even looked right at us & waved, then proceeded to suck a thumb. Later on in the scan, when we returned to the head, Mini Gersch was playing peek-a-boo with us. This baby never ceases to amuse me. Not at all shy or modest, three little lines by the bum told us...


Just in case you're clueless, we're having a little girl. They checked 3 times. No outdoor plumbing told us it's a "goyle".

We'll have to wait on having a little boy for now, but I'm very happy with how our baby is developing, and the doctor seemed very pleased with how well my sugar is under control. Furthermore, I'm absolutely relieved to be able to actually pick out gender specific clothing & toys now. No more yellows & greens.

Speaking of colors, you should've heard me going on about how I detest pink.
To generalize: "No pink, I hate pink! I don't want her to be a prissy princess! *HISS*"
Yeah... heh... you want a good laugh? Check out my Babies R Us registry.


Hahaha. I'm such a dork.

All the pink in the registry is completely unintentional, it was just a matter of: "I like this... and that... and Ooh this is nice! That's cute, too"


The last think I wanted was for my closet to look like pepto-bismal exploded all over it. What's wrong with me?

Anyway, not much else has been going on. My throat's a bit sore, so I'm trying to fend off whatever's coming into my system. I really don't want to be sick, but I'm sure I'm run down from all the stress & excitement the last week.