Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Record Low

So I hit a new record low blood sugar tonight. I was on the phone talking to my friend Alison when I started feeling kinda funny. Not funny "ha ha", cuz I'm always funny like that, but rather I felt like I was going to black out. I started getting a little whoozy. So I went to test my sugar while still on the phone and it was a record...


That's right. You can scoop your jaw off the floor now. I'm amazed I didn't have to go to the hospital. Instead I wolfed down some candy, popped a glucotab (which was pretty tasty, actually,) and told everyone I needed food NOW. I was trembling to the point I almost couldn't do simple tasks (like my blood sugar in the first place). So I made a McDonald's run for everyone. I was feeling a little better by this point thanks to the candy & glucotab, but I sorta regret McDonalds. I should've just had the chicken nuggets, but I had a double quarter pounder with cheese, and almost had a double cheeseburger too. I'm glad I didn't. I scarfed the fries down on the way home, which I almost never do. I usually don't even touch the fries as they really overkill my sugar, but you kind of go out of your mind when your sugar is that low.
Why was I even driving?
Oh, yeah. Andy has influenza, that's why. Not just the achy, icky flu, but the full blown bad boy. My poor Andy Man. He's been battling a fever since Sunday. It's hard for me to leave his side, let alone keep from mother henning him to death. I just remember when I had pneumonia this time last year & how miserable I was, and I can just imagine how he must feel.
On top of that, my mom is coming to visit next week. I'm excited, of course, but also stressed. Trying to get the house spotlessly clean by one's self, when you're used to having help, is difficult to say the least... it's more difficult when the help you're used to having is very sick and you can't help but worry. So today I made a to do list for the next week. I only gave myself a couple tasks each day, but we'll see how much energy each task actually uses up.
I'm amazed I'm still healthy through all of this. God must have a higher calling for me.
Anyway, I should probably get started on one of the chores I had planned for today. I went to go pick up some groceries earlier before the whole low sugar thing, but the store was closed. So I'll have to do that tomorrow. Guess I'm off to organize the bathrooms so I can clean them tomorrow.


Crystal said...

57 is nothing... relatively speaking. When my mom gets a low blood sugar she goes down into the 20s. If we get her up to 57 then we're happy. Crazy.