Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heffaplump & Whoozle

Heffaplumps and whoozles are very confuzles.

I saw Broberg on Monday for a checkup, and he was just as confused about my ever-changing due date. First it was the 8th, then the 16th, then it was the 10th, and lastly the 7th. What the heck? I practically begged him not to change it again, mainly for the sake of having to change all my tickers again. This is what happens when you have several doctors seeing to your pregnancy.
We were able to pick up Mini Gerschler's heartbeat with the doppler through my ever increasingly heffaPLUMP belly. Mini Gerschler's heartbeat was galloping along nicely, about twice as fast as my own. It's funny how they harmonize. Two beats in between every one of mine, like some foreign yet familiar waltz. I also mentioned the spasms/muscle twitches I've been having down there, noting how people tell me what kicking is supposed to feel like; "Ooh, it feels like bubbles, or butterflies, or gas". I'm sorry, but when I have gas down there, I'm in horrible pain. So I told Broberg this and how I've been feeling twitches, or the sensation of drumming one's fingers on a desk. He said it's probably the baby, and was surprised because apparently it's still a little early, but I try to tune in to my body and concentrate on the things I should be feeling... at least from what I've read.
I had lots of other questions too, and he began to wonder what else goes on in my marvelous little mind. I smiled at him & said "Wouldn't you love to know."
The only downside to the exam was another firm "No" on the kenolog treatment for my keloid. So that's it. 2 out of 3 "No"s. I have to be uncomfortable and bear with it until the baby comes.
To give you an idea of what it's like, try sleeping with a marble against your head... and that's on the days when it doesn't hurt.

So that was Monday.

Wednesday I saw the eye doctor for the first time in almost 3 years. They did all sorts of testing. They had to test the pressure on my eyes twice. Once with the air puff (I hate that), and again when the reading came back too high. They numbed my eyes and pressed this probe against the lense of my eyeball. It came back fine that time. The doctor was also concerned about my non-existent peripheral vision. They tested that, but it also came back within the acceptable ranges. The doc prescribed me new glasses (yay) and dilated my eyes. During the dilation, I started feeling really whoozy and queasy. This has never happened to me before. I've always had dilation with no problems. We got through the main part of the dilation exam without me passing out (narrowly).

So there you have it. I am heffaplump, whoozled, and very confuzled.

To update you on hubby's work situation, the fridiot who owns the company he works for continues to further screw things up. Last week he laid off the entire company, so Andy was jobless. The next day he hired back a skeleton crew, so then Andy had a job again. Then they had a meeting. Everyone was getting raises. Nobody will be paid. No one has ownership in anything they've created for the company, but they will receive a commemorative box of chocolates so that they will know their value to the company. WHAT THE @$*%?! That better be one helluva box of chocolates... 24k white gold plaited. *Bangs head on desk*
On a positive note, Andy has been given permission to look for a paying job while still working for the fridiot. He's already had several job offers, but he's hesitant to take any of them, and the one he likes is paying crappy, with no health insurance. Andy needs to find a job where he will be paid what he's really worth. There's been a great offer in Salt Lake, but it would take a lot of time out of the poor man's life, but the pay is very good and we'd continue to have health insurance right away.
I know he's trying to do what's best for our little family, but I just want him to grab his cajones and bull his way to the best salary he can get, because he's worth it... even if he's the only one that doesn't know it.


Tara said...

you're doing good, Trish. just keep hanging in there. :) sorry they can't treat your ear, though. what a major bummer! as if sleeping while pregnant isn't hard enough! *sighs*

as far as Andy's job, keep up the search. it sounds like he's found quite a bit in only a short time, which is a good sign. there is a shortage of programmers around here, so he WILL be able to find something that you both will feel comfortable about. there's too big of a demand to NOT find something that pays well. so good luck! and keep us posted!