Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grace and the Pearls of Tyranny

It's happened. Grace has come face to face with the Pearls of Tyranny... aka TEETH.
Andy was the first to notice them when he was giving her some medication for her RSV on Sunday. He called me over & I felt her gums. HOLY COW SHE ATE RAZORS! Andy & my friend Jazz say they can both see them coming in, but all I see is her sore little gums. I picked up some chamomilla, for teething and irritibility, and she did really well on it yesterday till Andy got home. Then she turned into a little beast.
She also started sitting up all by herself, unsupported, in the last two weeks, and she's getting really close to crawling. Heaven knows she seems to zip around the living room when we're not looking. She is phenomenally good at rolling. She sort of reminds me of Disney's Stitch when Lilo first brings him home.

I got the bandage taken off my ear last Friday & it looks GREAT! The doctor also said I can sleep on my left side as long as I wear a headband. The camo set I bought is very comfortable, so we're all set there.
I should really clean the livingroom, but erm.. Aunt Flo decided to visit for the first time since Christmas & she is being a bear, and yet it's such a nice day outside. I should probably just take some drugs, do what housework I need & whisk my daughter off to the park before she eats the James Bond movie she's got in her hands right now.
I admit Daniel Craig is yummy, but I doubt Andy would be happy to find our movie has become Grace's latest teething toy.

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's day! Maybe I should steal a little cash from hubby's account to buy us a decent Irish dinner & teach our girl all about her heritage... or at least give her some bangers & champ for supper :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Post-Op Update

Just wanted to let you know that my surgery went well. I even got to see my friend Kathy before surgery. She was attending to a back surgery, but at least I got to see her. They called me back shortly after I posted yesterday morning. My anesthesiologist was hilarious, and so was the nurse that got the IV in my arm.
Surprisingly, I'm not in nearly as much pain as I thought I would be. My ear stings from time to time, but so far it hasn't been anything more painful than the keloid constantly was. We'll see how I feel after all the drugs wear off. I've only had to take 1 lortab so far, and will probably take another one before bed just to be on the safe side. No one wants to wake up screaming in sudden pain.
The doctor put a clamp over my ear. It's kinda like a porous, melted candle. I get to have it taken off next Friday. In the meanwhile, I can't sleep on my left side, and have to be exceptionally careful around the clamp. The doctor said it could pop off if I wasn't careful, and keeping pressure on the wound is the key to keep Cleatus from coming back.

Anyway, I want to express my thanks to my friends who have shown love and support. Hubby has been very supportive and taking good care of Grace, and so have friends Sam & Jazz. I'm so lucky to have them in my life.
Also, for whatever reason, Grace keeps laughing at me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bon Voyage, Cleatus!

Good morning! It's 7 in the morning & I'm sitting at the hospital on a shared computer. I'm having my keloid removed today. They told me to be here at 6:30, but we got here earlier than that, so I don't know when they'll call me back. Already I've had my finger stuck, peed in a cup, and been identified that I am, indeed, myself... as opposed to later when I may not be myself, but a more goofy version of myself thanks to copious amounts of anesthetics and other drugs. Whee!
Grace is safely asleep at home with one of my best friends, Jazz. I didn't want to disturb her schedule. She doesn't really need to be here anyway. There's not a whole lot to do. She has been sick lately, anyway, with a mild case/form of RSV. I think she's getting better. We're doing everything we can. She has remained chipper the whole time. It's suprising how many kids are here at the hospital for surgery. There was a very tiny 2 month old going in for hernia surgery, and several other kids for other procedures. It makes me grateful that Grace hasn't been in a similar situation.
Andy is sitting closeby working on the company laptop so he doesn't lose hours. At least he's here. Gotta afford the enormous surgery bill somehow, right?
So I'm just sitting here waiting. I had my hair cut super short yesterday so it stays out of the way during the procedure, and recovery. I'm looking forward to saying "Bon Voyage, Cleatus! And please don't come back"
And can I just say that I'm getting hungry? I don't like how they make you fast. I haven't had anything to drink since 11 last night, and no food either. Can I just tell you how hard it is to be a diabetic & not be allowed to drink anything? I mean I'm part camel, y'know! The thirsty part.
So I can't say anything else really. I went to bed at 1a and got up at 5a, so I'm ready for a hardcore anesthesia-induced nap.
Off to spend a few minutes with hubby.
Hope you have a great day! Can't wait to be sober again & put up some post-op pictures.