Friday, October 23, 2009

Mean Mom

Today I am further convinced that I'm a really mean mom. Grace recently started throwing tantrums. New parents may try to console their child during these first few moments of chaos. "Shh! You're embarrassing mommy. Here, have a sucker, a toy, anything you want, just stop that ruckus!"
Yeah... Grace has taken to repeatedly banging her head on things in addition to screaming like a banshee. And you know what I do? I sit there and LAUGH. That's what makes me a mean mom. My kid throws a tantrum and I laugh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get a Grip!

So after deciding that I have been emotionally miserable and really unhappy with my self image, which is starting to sneak into my marriage in a big bad way, I finally got a grip. On Sunday I joined My favorite tool on there is a calorie tracker. When you sign in, you plug in your vitals, and how much you want to lose. It then gives you a suggested daily calorie intake & exercise plan. Every day you log in what you eat, and try to come in under your calorie limit. So far I've lost a pound, and walked a mile a day. I've already noticed a physical difference. I'm tired, but don't feel like I need a nap. Before, I was taking a 3 hour nap when I put Grace down simply because I was exhausted by noon... from sitting on my fat behind.
I've officially gone cold turkey on pop, and can't remember the last time I had one. They have been in the fridge, and it's hard to resist, but I haven't touched them (except to rescue them from the clutches of Grace when she grabs one and runs off). I'm not letting Andy buy any more either, and trying to encourage him to sign up on My Fitness Pal. I could use a buddy, and he could use losing his pot belly, cute as it is.

So today I saw Clarene for a 3 month checkup. My hA1c was over 10. Grrr! It was 9 last time. I guess all that ravenous, obsessive Taco Bell binging didn't exactly help me out. When I go back for my next checkup in February, I am determined to be at a 7 and 20 lbs skinnier. One thing I'm nervous about is my exercise regime once it gets too cold to go walking outside. I have been on and off the bandwagon for a Wii and Wii Fit, but I don't really want to go to a gym because I would have no idea what I'm doing. I think tonight at Primary Presidency Meeting, before we get started, I'll ask the ladies about gym classes as they are both marathon runners. Our fearless president even does triathlons. She's also taught gym classes. Good place to start, right? Ask questions, get answers! Gee, what a concept.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I often find myself swelling with pride and grinning when Grace does something unique. The fact that she loves to dance, and has impeccable taste in music to boot, is one of her beautiful talents. Some of the more spirited songs, she gets really into and doesn't just dance-- she ROCKS OUT! We're talking hip bobbing, booty shakin', head slamming rocking on. It's the funniest thing to watch.
But what especially dazzles me is when she uses sign language to ask for things. She will run up to us & sign milk, or eat. It is times like these that make me extra proud. She seems so incredibly intelligent, and I often find myself just overcome with emotion because I feel like I was never that smart. Here is this amazing, intelligent little being in my life, and she's so flipping SMART! I wish I could express and relay what I mean, but I don't know that I can. A smart person came out of a person who does not believe in herself as being smart.
That is all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, I know I just posted a few minutes ago, but I wanted to post a news flash.

Grace went #2 in the big potty!

Now before you bow down to my Ninja Momness, I want to give you the facts:
I noticed Grace squatting & grunting, scooped her up, and sat her on her on the toilet before she could squeeze it out. I sang "Grace is going poopy! Poopy in the potty!"
And then, PLOP!

I'm hoping for more opportunities to sit her on the pot and do this. We bought her pull ups the other day, and a little adapter seat for the big toilet as neither of us wanted to clean a nasty little potty every day. My plan was to put the pull ups on her in the morning, and sit her on the toilet a couple times every hour all day until nap time & bed time. I started this morning, but had failed by the first potty break. Will attempt going #1 in the potty again tomorrow.

Tantrums & Dum dums & Unicorns... Oh, my!

So today I took my brother in law, Aaron, to a doctor appointment. Everywhere there were signs of "Please remain quiet. Healing in session" or something to that effect. Yeah, Grace was quiet... so long as I let her do what she wanted to. Which wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. She wanted to wander & run around & crash into every open physician's office she could find. If I picked her up, or tried to point her in another direction, bounteous screaming erupted. She did a really good job of reminding me how big her lungs are, and where they came from. Yup, she inherited my lungs. My big, fat, projecting to the back of the theater, getting your attention across Main St Disneyland lungs. Needless to say, I was pretty red... and not from the fever I've had all weekend. It was really embarrassing toward the end. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE in the facility heard her. On our way out, one of the secretaries approached me & asked about the crying. I told her Grace was angry I wouldn't let her do what she wanted to. "Ohh, sweet baby, is we spoiled?" the secretary cooed at Grace, asked if she could have a treat, and I obliged. She took her into one of the offices and gave Grace her very first sucker. I don't think Grace had ever been happier... and I don't think I've seen so much drool and slobber. It rivaled the dribble of a St. Bernard... the resulting stickiness was equal to the enormous slobber capacity. The sugar induced, glazed over expression on Grace's face when we were in the car was of some consolation.
Why does no one warn us young, first time parents of this tiny little thing called a TANTRUM? I've been around kids when they've had tantrums in the middle of crowded stores, it was no big deal. It wasn't my kid. It didn't matter. Nobody tells you it's 100x worse when it's your own. How could I have been so naive? Of course it's worse when it's your own! Everything's different when it's your own. Changing some random kid's diaper? Gross. Changing your own kid's diaper-- no sweat, no second thoughts.
However, the Secretary taught me a valuable lesson:
I think it did the trick since we are weaning Grace off her binky. Well, she had been semi-weaned for a while. She only got it when she slept or if she was having a major meltdown. Now we've gone cold turkey. It is equally NOT FUN for both parties involved. I realize now that it was a crutch for me. It's going to take some strength and perseverance to get through this.

On a bright and comical note, Grace's Halloween costume arrived yesterday. It's a Pegasus unicorn get up. She looks ridiculously cute in it. It's so funny. I used to be the mean lady whose door you did not knock on when it came to Halloween. I hated it, loathed it, despised it; yelled at kids that I hoped they enjoyed freezing their butts off. Of course, having my mom force me to stop trick or treating when I was only 10 and subsequently do candy duty thereafter, had absolutely nothing to do with it... at all... yeah. I wasn't bitter. Nope, not me. Then Grace came along. My little living, breathing dolly. For being such a tomboy all my life, I sure did like to dress Grace up! So now it's fun, of course. I can dress Grace up in a ridiculous costume, and take her around to our neighbors where she will look up at them with her big, Caribbean blue eyes, offer up her little candy tote, and say "Tooka tooka!" Of course all neighbors will swoon, "Awww!" and perhaps, just perhaps, give double candy! Yes, it is the perfect equation for world domination.

On the Grace milestone front, and in case you've lost track, she is now 15 months old. She had her checkup just this past Friday and weighed in at 22 pounds, 30 inches. She got 4 shots, and even made Mommy & Daddy (who was working from home that day), be brave enough to get their flu shots.
Grace has picked up new words: Bah (for ball, her favorite toy-- she carries them everywhere when she finds them), and Tooka. We have no idea what tooka means, but she says it alot! When she gets excited, a whole stream of them come out. "Tooka, tooka, tooka, tooka!" We are trying to get her to say Trick or Treat, but we will be just as happy if she says "Tooka tooka!"
She did not hear the phrase Trick or Treat before she started saying tooka.
She also knows at least 7 ASL signs, much to my mother's chagrin. She is very concerned that Grace just babbles, and isn't using real words yet. Honestly, I'm in no rush for Grace to reel off sentences. The sooner she can talk, the sooner she can give us lip. For what it's worth, her pediatrician said that knowing 7 signs in addition to the 4 she actually says (Mama, Dada, Nana, Ball), is phenomenal. The signs we've taught her are eat, milk, cheese, more, juice, all gone, and please. She picks them up pretty quick. I'm also working on apple, cracker, water, Mama, and Dada.
Also she seems to really enjoy the Your Baby Can Read DVDs we got her earlier this year. I don't know if she can actually read anything yet, but it's given us helpful prompts like "arms up" (very useful for changing clothes).
Anyway, time to tie this post up. Ciao!