Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby 1 : Me 0

Morning sickness... what's that?
Generally I try to keep the fact to myself that I escaped morning sickness during my first pregnancy. On the rare occasion that it has slipped out, I usually get dirty looks from fellow women on a similar pilgrimage toward motherhood, and one friend even told me, jokingly, "I hate you."
I have enjoyed escaping this dreaded symptom for five months. Indeed I took a great deal of pride in the fact that it was simply, for me, a state of mind over matter. My queasiness was nothing that a ginger snap or ritz cracker, or even a sprite, couldn't fix.
Well, ladies, today I concede to you...

Baby 1: Me 0.

That's right. I, too, have now bowed at the shrine of the porcelain god. To save some grace, I have my excuses.

I've been sick for the past week. It started out as a tickle in the throat, and grew into great discomfort. A cough soon developed. I saw the doctor on Friday and was assured it's just the local bug going around. He was right, as the next day the sore throat gave way to a miserable head cold. While my throat is no longer sore, I still have a cough from general irritation. Unfortunately I sometimes get to coughing so hard that I start to wretch. I avoided a couple trips to the bathroom to relieve my stomach of its contents, but Monday it finally got to me. I coughed so hard I lost my stomach. Luckily it was just a lot of water and only a little bile. It really wasn't so bad. Ever since then, I've been feeling better and stronger. So I must've flushed out the bug somewhere in there.

To further accentuate the positive, we had a checkup on Monday afternoon (they've changed my due date for a fifth time to July 12). Baby is healthy, even after all that hard belly coughing (honestly, I thought I might strangle or squish the poor thing with all the lung-hacking I was doing). She's so healthy in fact that she's been kicking me for the past 4 hours. Normally I enjoy the little movements. The little firecracker-like pops amuse and comfort me. However, they're typically only for brief spouts of time. Not today. It's come to the point where I start poking her back.

Kick, kick...
"Oh yeah? Two can play at that game, sister" *poke*
.... KICK!

Baby 2: Me... still 0

You'll have a general idea of the sensation if you can imagine a muscle constantly twitching for hours on end. I think it's enough to drive anyone bonkers. It came to the point where I told my husband that HIS daughter was driving me crazy. He came in and dutifully told the belly to stop kicking Mommy so much. You wanna know the funny part? She listened. I didn't get kicked for a good half hour, but it's started up again. I see how it is. For Pete's sake, I'm supposed to be the disciplinarian. I have a feeling it might be a daddy's girl ;)

Speaking of Daddy, he's been doing so great. I couldn't ask for a better husband and provider, and he genuinely seems interested in the baby. He is usually pretty good about rubbing the belly before bed and telling her good night. We even had a funny moment last week while we were out. I've been going a little crazy as far as taking over the whole baby registry thing, and the conversation came up on it. I told him we should go to Babies R Us soon so he can run wild with the scanner. His response was so funny, and mockingly shocked: "You mean I... *I* get to pick out things for *MY* daughter's registry? HOLY COW!
Goofy. It was just as fun watching him actually run loose in Babies R Us and study the crazed glaze that slowly came over his eyes as he got into the swing of scanning things for the baby.
And speaking of shopping/finances, he took a good job in Salt Lake. I'm feeling optimistic about the situation, and hope that he'll pick up a little of my confidence for himself. I know we'll be okay. The Lord will look out for us... He has this far :)

So that's my update. I think I see the doctor again on March 17, and then the other 2 doctors on the 31. After that, we change health plans. That should make things interesting. I should post long before the 17. I have some post ideas that I think you may find interesting and entertaining.

Till next time,
The Pregnant Diabetic

P.S. My last hA1c was an earth shattering 5.4
Baby 2 : Me 1