Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quick, Look Busy. JESUS IS COMING!

So this is what a post apocalyptic world looks like. Hmm... it's startling similar to the day before. In case you were not aware, the world was supposed to end yesterday. I confess I was a little nervous. Apocalypse movies scare the living @#$^ out of me. Luckily, I reminded myself of the passage from the scriptures "No man knoweth the hour..." when the Lord will come again. Furthermore, President Thomas S Monson, our Prophet, hasn't said anything. I figure if any man DID know, it would probably be him, since I believe he is the current voice of God on Earth. When I hear him say something, that's when I'll whip out my "Quick, Look Busy. JESUS IS COMING!" bumper sticker.
But that also got me to thinking... if Heavenly Father didn't want to tell anyone, including the prophet, would I recognize Jesus's return?
What if he looked like you and me. What if he was just some homeless man on the street? What if...?
Would the spirit speak to me? Would I know? I mean REALLY know? Is my life in line with God's eternal plan enough that I would KNOW? Is yours?
Think about it.
Because my knees are eager to bow, and tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ and King and has come again. He lives. We're just waiting.

I also cannot fear it. I was sealed to my husband and our posterity in a beautiful temple for all eternity. No mortal death can separate us. They will be there with me on the other side.
Lastly, I love those last few moments of the day when I get to hold my Gracie close. I feel her heart flutter against my hand. I close my eyes and feel the real rapture.


Alison said...

I heard a preacher say once that if Jesus returned during our time, it would probably be as a Black lesbian. And I think he was being serious. Your comment about Jesus coming back as a homeless man reminded me of that.

-Ali258 from myfitnesspal