Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Until Later

I'm going to make a post today, and it's going to be awesome, but ATM I'm not feeling so awesome. Feeling kinda vertigo-y and blah. But it's important to me to post, because tomorrow I'm putting up a VERY special Mothers Day post that will remain up until Monday, so I need to blather on today so my thoughts are out of the way. Until later... stay tuned!

Better late than never.

So first thing I wanted to address was that my copy of Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso arrived 2 days early yesterday. Needless to say I was SUPER excited, as I've been waiting nearly a month for it to ship. Now call it hormones or whatever you want, but the opening she did (especially about her Mom passing away, and Sarah's serendipitous encounter with the 2 people that would change her life at her mom's favorite charity event shortly after her passing) was compelling to say the least, and I found myself tearing up in places.
If you are not Paleo/Primal, GET THIS BOOK! If you are, GET THIS BOOK! As in stop reading right now, and go GET THIS BOOK! It is fantastic and touches on why we eat Paleo, how to be Paleo, and how to help a family transition. Aside from the delicious recipes that I can't wait to attack, she has the phenomenal addition of a shopping list for 1 month, as well as meals, and what to send to school with your kids for lunch, making Paleo living entirely accessible to ANYONE who just happens to pick up the book out of the blue (HINT, HINT). She also has a complete workout plan to help you get going.

Sarah Fragoso, you are one of my new superheroes
-- right next to Xena, and my smokin, drinkin, swearin, drivin, bubble-gum blowin' grandma (yeah, she was bad @$$-- God rest her soul til I get up there!)

Some more from the book. Primal and Paleo are cousins, jic you didn't know. One of the things I liked about the book (in addition to the aforementioned) was her list for a well stocked pantry, and it inspired me to discuss with you what our own personal Primal pantry looks like.

Ready? Here's what we like to keep stocked:

MEAT (Meat is like the ultimate black dress-- it goes with EVERYTHING)
Coconut milk (I go through a can every 2-3 days)
Broths and stocks
Coconut in various and asundry forms including, but not limited to: coconut flour, coconut cream concentrate, coconut butter, coconut manna, coconut oil (IMPERATIVE!), chipped coconut, shredded coconut, etc
Almond flour
Almond butter (yum!)
Canned tuna fish (which reminds me-- I made some chipotle mayo on Sunday, time to whip out some tuna fish!)
Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
Eggs (3-5 dozen every 2 weeks)
BACON (...makes everything better-- I always buy uncured/chem-free)
Stone ground mustard
Soy-free mayo (have some safflower oil mayo in the fridge that I chipotle-fied)
Some fruit (mainly for Grace, but I confess to being a total fruit fiend. I really shouldn't buy it, cuz I binge harder on it than any store bought candy bar)

So, yeah, that's what I eat. Meat, veggies, fruit, spices, bacon, and a butt load of coconut milk. I keep Greek yogurt on hand for Grace, and she likes cheese too. Deli meat is also in the fridge. I try to avoid dried fruits and dairy. Both are delicious, and a little bit kryptonian ;)
Same with nuts. I go crazy on nuts, so it's just best to not have them in the house except when we're having a meal that includes them as an ingredient (Waldorf Salad, for example).

Now that we got that out of the way, I wanted to mention that my awesome 2yo enthusiastically knocked over my 30 oz mug of water on to my laptop (this is the 2nd time this year its happened, ARGH!), and destroyed said Everyday Paleo book about 5 mins after I got it. I was writing recipes on our calendar, and I turned my back for 2 seconds and she attacked it with pen. This morning I woke up with a mild case of vertigo (I have noticed they're getting more frequent, and I should probably bring it up with a doctor), and Aunt Flo (hence the mention earlier of "maybe I was just hormonal...")

Further thoughts. I have been thinking about how awesome my Grace is. Here's the top reasons she's epic:
  • She asks me to sing All Star by Smashmouth to her for a lullabye... regularly
  • She knew what "rock and roll" was at 2, and asks for it often
  • She always asks me for dark chocolate, even when offered milk chocolate
  • She can spot a horse a mile away faster than I can (and that's saying ALOT)
  • She rides her Breyers and stuffed horses-- daily
  • She loves pirates and cars/trains just as much as princesses and ponies
  • She's beautiful just the way she is!