Thursday, May 26, 2011

Breakfast For Dinner

So yesterday I went on a 10 & 1/4 mile walk with my friend Stacey. Thanks, Stacey, for having the bravery to do that crazy feat with me, with all 3 of our kids in tow! They were such great little troopers. What was the occasion? IT STOPPED RAINING! Seriously, it rained all of last week, pretty much nonstop. Big downer. Kinda made my hormones go crazy, and I was in a funk the last few days.

So I had my 3 month check up with Clarene on Monday. She's concerned about an increase in my cholesterol, but I asked her to let me work on it over the summer. She agreed, and we'll retest in August. I will be eating more fat, but leaner cuts of critter. I will still be eating beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, but will trim the first 3 of their fat from now on, and up my intake of yummy coconut oil, and avocados.
Which brings me to another item on the agenda. I haven't lost more than 10 lbs in the last year. Do you know how frustrating that is? I feel like I've tried everything (including switching to a diet/lifestyle that many would deem unhealthy & unsafe), and I'm at my wit's end. Needless to say, frustration has started leading me down a very dark path-- binging, and getting into foods I shouldn't be having. It's the worst on the days I'm the most upset. So I came to a decision. I set my calories on My Fitness Pal & Daily Burn to MAINTAIN for the summer. If I don't think about my weight at all, and only weigh in when I need to update my HRM for accuracy (when I know I'm going to burn mega cals like yesterday's 1,616 cal walk), then maybe it will come off. I'll focus on eating clean, and getting my blood sugar numbers under control. Maybe my weight loss wants to go into stealth mode, so I'm giving it the opportunity. Maybe more calories is what my body needs. And I also realize I'm built like a Quarter Horse/brick, not a Thoroughbred. So maybe my body doesn't want to be 148. Maybe it's starting to settle. Maybe I've been losing for too long and it just refuses to give any more. There's a lot of maybes. Can you see how that would all play with one's mind? A lot of stress, my friend. So I'm gonna worry about fixing me from the inside out for now. I still see 248 lbs when I look in the mirror, even though I'm at a healthy body fat percentage for the first time in my life, and the lightest weight I've been since middle school. Clothes I wore in high school are loose on me. Oh my heck! I just admitted I still wear clothes from 10 years ago, lol.
Anyway, I ramble, and you get the general idea, right?

Now to the title of the blog. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? I made almond/coconut/flax meal waffles last night, with uncured bacon, and eggs scrambled with coconut milk. I thought it was fantastic. Hubby was not as impressed. Honestly, Andy, I think you have a sugar problem & should totally do Whole 30! Anyway, he left me almost 1/2 a waffle which I enjoyed thoroughly for breakfast.
Haven't had waffles since Christmas, and just had to have one. I put warm coconut cream concentrate on mine instead of syrup.

Also, we recently made meatza. It's delicious. Try it! The "crust" is made of ground hamburg, and ground italian turkey sausage. Basically pretend you're making a meatloaf, only roll it out into a pizza shape, and cook it. Then you can treat it like a regular pizza. You don't need breading to hold it together, just eggs and a lot of dry seasoning. The seasoning acts as breading.
I don't eat a lot of dairy any more, but yes, that is mozzarella on there. And it was delicious.

Lastly, I made this on a day I was feeling BLAH. Broccoli salad with grapes, diced apple, and bacon. Andy said he liked it.


Tara Oliver said...

Sounds like you need to declutter your clothes (again) and get rid of those clothes from high school. Yeah, they definitely gotta go! ;) you are skinny now, girl!!

my body will never be a size 4. I will only ever be on the high end of my "healthy weight range" (um, hopefully someday again, ha ha!!). so don't worry. not everyone is able to be super tiny 20% body fat. some of us (like me) are big boned and built differently. so I think you're doing really well.

I'm curious how you made the waffles. will you send me a recipe?