Monday, March 5, 2012


Welcome to the half-way point of our one month challenge. How are you holding up? I'm sorry I haven't been posting more proactively. I've discovered some new products though that I'm excited about, and also wanted to remind you to keep an open mind about breakfast. Don't be afraid to eat leftovers from dinner. Just because it's not eggs and bacon, doesn't mean it's not an adequate start to your day.

Here was my breakfast the other day:

pork jowl bacon with scrambled eggs and broccoli slaw with a drizzle of macadamia oil. Orgasmic!

Also on Sunday I had a bowl of shrimp with pork jowl bacon, homemade guacamole, hot sauce, and salsa. Mind = blown.

It's food like this that makes me feel like I could eat Paleo forever.

I hope by this point you've completely forgotten about sugar and don't miss it. I don't!

If, on the other hand, you are missing sweet, try mixing coconut water with water (50/50) after a workout. 100% paleo and curbs that sweet tooth. You can't go wrong with the electrolytes and potassium coconut water contains. I downed a 30 oz mug after my 9 mile run on Saturday.

When I get into the super long runs, I'll be seeing how I react to a mixture of coconut water, chia, and date paste, but I might curb it to the first 2 ingredients since the Vita Coco I got is so sweet just with water.

While picking up raw milk for Grace the other day, I ran across velvet chocolate coconut oil. It is so yummy! Something Pure makes it. They also had garlic, chipotle, and herbs de provence varieties. Useful AND delicious.
The ingredient list is almost 100% paleo on the velvet chocolate. It is marvelous in Paleo Cookie Dough

Anyway, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook at my Primal Junk Foodie page, or on twitter @PrimalJnkFoodie. I'm more than happy to answer your questions. I love discussing food!

Keep slugging it out. You're doing great! (Unless you're not. I won't lie to you.)