Saturday, April 3, 2010

Road Blocks Suck

It's been a frustrating week. It started out fine, but the last few days have just been trying. Wednesday I woke up with really sore shins, which lasted Thursday as well. I have a history of not getting along with Airwalk shoes, and those are what I wore on therapy day (where my brother in law goes to therapy & I walk laps around the mall, it's therapy for both of us!), doing even more walking after the mall (Andy needed to go up to Weber State University to get a student ID card). I'm pretty sure that's what did my shins in. I will be whining continuously at hubby for new shoes. One friend had the brilliant idea of retiring one's running shoes for regular wear and breaking in a new pair, which is what I might do.

Oh and lame excuse #2, Grace is just getting over being sick for a whole 2 weeks, so her being sick kept me home from gym, too, since I didn't have anyone to really watch her.

Friday I ended up in SLC. Hubby has been remodeling the bathroom, so we are without a shower until it's done. Thus, I drive Grace & I to SLC to hubby's work every few days to get a hot shower. In the midst of all this, I've also been struggling with food issues. I just don't want it. My mentality is better today, but now I don't want dinner even though it's our fabulous homemade pizza (half the calories and sodium & tastes just like chain!)

So today while hubby continued to lay tile in our bathroom, I told him I was off to the gym to get my mojo back, and would be in no hurry to get home. Please take care of our little person when she gets up from her nap which I just wrestled her into (and not in a fun way).

I figured I would just put in a light maintenance run, but my body is getting stronger, and just can't handle 4 mph anymore. It's painfully slow (literally). I'm maintaining an average of 4.5 now, with a couple of minutes here and there at 5 or faster.

After I got my run in, I hit the stationary bike and put in 10.8 miles in 30 mins. In all, I torched 606 calories. Been a while since I blew past the 500 mark.

Really frustrated with my virtually non-existent weight loss this last week (less than a pound, so angry), but certain road blocks will be out of my way next week.

Suggested to hubby that we go for walk on Sunday so I can get a head start on my miles for the week.

Sunday is Easter. Today I took Grace to an Easter Egg hunt. We got there early to secure our spot. I was hoping with the weather, and conference, nobody would show up. There was still a tremendous turn out. We stood in the freezing wind for almost 1/2 hour. We were 2 ft away from the eggs, patiently waiting on the concrete. You can imagine how upset I was when The people in charge shouted "go" and the eggs were GONE! I had to climb over eggs with Grace just to get 2. We were so lucky we got any at all. *sigh*, at least we lucked out and got one with a prize ticket inside. Grace made off with some sidewalk chalk-- one of her favorite things.

Anyway, that's all