Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food is Gross

Have you ever stopped to think about how gross food really is? It goes into our bodies... we turn it into mush, and then our bodies liquify it with acid in a process not unlike resomation. Then it travels through this slimy, two mile tube, where it's compacted with more acid, gasses, and deadly substances and comes out as poop. Hope you weren't eating anything while reading that. That kind of visual tends to impair an appetite.

Speaking of impaired appetite, I've really been struggling with food lately. Not for the above reason, but I just have no appetite. My body is hungry, but my brain is convinced that everything is disgusting. It's 3 pm, and half of the food on my MFP food diary has come off. I haven't had lunch, my morning snack, or my afternoon snack. I've also had no water today yet. I don't know why I'm struggling with this lately. It usually doesn't come on till summer. For me, it's normal to experience loss of appetite in summer. I don't do well in heat, and heat dampers anything I desire to do. Including eat.
Nothing sounds good. Everything is gross.

How do you go from 250 lbs and eating everything in sight, to 200 lbs and everything is gross? More importantly, how do you fix it?


Tara said...

what I've been trying to do is to think of food as fuel. because it is. our bodies need food. so even eating just a little something that is fairly good for you will help your body to keep working. so get your fuel, girl!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree with Tara - food is fuel. And if we put a little high-octane fuel in our bodies (healthy wholesome food) how much better will our engine run than with low-grade fuel. And no fuel = no energy, so we're literally starving the engine (our body) and we're going nowhere!