Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Unbirthday

I consider March 23 my half birthday. I believe it to be so, because it is 6 months after I was born. Makes sense, right? I call my half birthday my Unbirthday. For my unbirthday gift, I wanted to be 50 lbs away from 248. Unfortunately I'm only 43. I fell short 7 lbs. I am disappointed, but a few days ago when I realized there was just no way I was going to make it, that this is a journey. My mentality has changed from that of the Hare's to that of the Tortoise's. Slow & steady wins the race. The lazy hare burnt himself out half way through the race, while the Tortoise just stayed focus on the finish line and assuredly chanted "Slow and steady wins the race." All the while laughing to the bank as he passes the sleeping hare.

So here I am, folks. 43 pounds lighter, 70 lbs away from my goal weight, 14 away from being half way there, and disappointed... but absolutely shameless. Happy Unbirthday to me! :)