Saturday, March 6, 2010


Several days ago we noticed the carpet in our bathroom was... erm... squishy. By the way, whose brilliant idea was it to put CARPET in the BATHROOM?! It was here when we bought house. *Strangles common-senseless previous owners*
It was also WET. We suspected a toilet leak. The leak got progressively worse until it was moving out ahead of the toilet. Andy finally had some time today to get a look at it. Can I tell you what a turn on it is to see my computer geek husband doing MAN JOBS? He's not really the handy man type, but he's smart & figures things out.
So we drain the toilet, get it off, and the wax seal is almost completely gone. It's really gross. We also notice that under the carpet is... TILE! Who the heck puts carpet over tile?! Okay, not tile, but laminate. Still... whose bright idea was that?
I've been wanting to tile the bathroom for ages. Suddenly we have the opportunity! Off to Lowes we whisk for new tile cuz the old stuff was ugly and kinda gross. We found some beautiful marble/stone looking vinyl flooring. Our little leak has turned into a weekend project. Honestly, I can't wait to get to attacking the bathroom... I'm excited! It's gonna be beautiful. We bought paint for it last year, cuz I wanted something fresh & new, but never got around to using it. Now we're gonna knock it out of the park! WOOHOO!

Fresh paint, beautiful HYGIENIC flooring, and a brand new toilet! Come summer we can ACCESSORIZE! Oh and eventually I want to get a new sink, countertop, and hardware for cupboards. I saw some marvelous all-in-one countertop/basins at Lowes that I wouldn't mind putting in. Very pretty stone/marble type set ups.