Monday, March 1, 2010

Pop Quiz

A month ago I set a goal to run 1 mile on March 1. I had planned to be 1/2 way through my C25K program. So it seemed reasonable that running 1 mile nonstop would be doable. I'm only on week 3, however, since I repeated week 2 a few times. Regardless, I decided to test myself and just run as long as I could. I lasted 5 mins & over 1/4 of a mile against my mortal enemy, the treadmill. After that, I walked for 5, then ran for 2, walked for 2, and ran for 1, and cooled down for 6. My lungs were feeling it, especially after being sick this weekend. I have officially cast PodRunner aside in favor of the plasma TVs at the rec center and tunes on my iPod, Steve. For a long time I've been craving an emotional breakthrough like the contestants on Biggest Loser have, and I think I'm close to having one. There were a couple of songs Steve played for me that had me close to tears.

After going 1.4 miles on the TM, I got on the stationary biked and powered through 10.77 miles in 30 mins. I'd like to eventually get to 13 miles in under 20 miles.