Friday, February 26, 2010

Run, Forest, Run!

For the past month, I was convinced that the treadmill was my mortal enemy, but now I am becoming a runner. My mortal enemy & I are coming to an understanding, I think. I didn't get to go to the rec center until 8:30 tonight, and it closes at 10. I needed to burn 500 cals, and I had had a great dinner (went to Cocolitos with hub, little person stayed home with babysitter, WOO!). Needless to say I had to get my run in first if I was going to get anything out of today. The place was pretty quiet, plenty of open TMs. So I get one dead smack in front of a plasma TV, and change it from icky basketball to AMC which happened to be showing Forrest Gump. Great movie. Can you believe it's almost 20 years old already? It doesn't seem possible!

Anyway, after a good stretch, I started my 5 min warm up walk, and moved right into a 2 min run. I was feeling a little slow tonight, but I shook it off, and was feeling pretty good. Walk my next 2 mins, and run the next 2. At this point I'm feeling REALLY good, and wanted to check my pace. I go to push the button and, to my horror, accidentally stopped the belt by pushing the wrong button. Serves me right with my awful peripheral vision. I was going "No, no! BAH! Ugh!" I was doing SO great, and 10 mins done already, it had flown by. With a huff, I figure out how to reset the darn thing, mentally note that I went .58 miles in 10 mins, and start over with a 2 min walking interval. Moved into running 2 mins later, and continued the pattern. I kept looking down at the time to see when the interval would be over, and I was often 1 min to 1.5 mins through the interval. I just tried really hard to stay focused on the movie. Maybe I am a better runner without my iPod, Steve, going. I was just really happy that I did a full 20 min running & walking interval. At the end, I did a 5 min cool down walk, gradually slowing the belt, and finished at 1.66 miles total. Then I hopped right on the elliptical and repeated my idiot mistake. I am obviously technically challenged tonight! I did 20 mins total on the elliptical, and went another 1.47 miles. Sooo... I kinda did a 5k in 50 mins. I am improving!
Also wanted to whine that my left foot was asleep on the elliptical. It was not so fun. Must have chiropractor take closer look at foot as it's the same one with the achilles tendon bugging me.