Monday, February 22, 2010

Large & In Charge

Mark me down for a noticeable improvement against my mortal enemy-- THE TREADMILL! I started week 3 of C25K. When my warm up walk got to about 4 mins, I noticed a feeling of anxiety and fear raising its ugly head. I took a deep breath, and at 5 mins began my 2 min running interval. I blew through it! I said "that wasn't so bad". The next one wasn't too bad either. It was the third & fourth one that kinda got to me. I tried pausing to stretch my ankles, but they were hard to move, and my left shin was bugging me. At that point, I just was running 1 min intervals, but it wasn't a complete failure. I think I'll stick with week 3 for a couple of weeks. I'm glad I did week 2 twice.
Today I just listened to my running tunes instead of PodRunner. I think it helped me to relax rather than being worried about when the interval was going to end. Must do some road work this week.

On a super great note, I was at Walmart today for some ingredients for dinner, and I noticed that some pajamas I'd been eyeing last month were on clearance. Without trying them on, I bought the large size. Not 2X, not XL... LARGE! When I got home, I tried one of the shirts on. It was a very snug, formfitting fit, but IT FITS! No gross back rolls or anything... but my tummy was sore after a few minutes of sucking it in, LOL. I am wearing my new PJs now, and going to make hubs take pictures.

Happy that I'm only a few pounds away from pre-baby weight, and staring 50 lbs lost down the throat!

Comparison pictures!
Blue shirt: Me at Grace's 1st bday party in July

New jammies-- Who's Your Sugar Daddy?


genderist said...

Awesome pictures! Keep up the great work! You can do it!!!!