Friday, February 5, 2010

Future Triathlete?

This morning I woke up feeling better than I have in about 2 weeks. Still had some sinus funk, but it was draining. So today I got to the rec center for a good workout. I did my C25K to start. Lately I've felt like the treadmill has been psyching me out a little. I pay too much attention to how much time I've been running, how fast I'm going, when will the interval end, etc. Today I decided to hit the track. I feel like I had a big improvement. I wasn't focused on my speed or the time, just the music from PodRunner, and one foot in front of the other. My only complaint is Grace has... um... interesting ways of entertaining herself. When she gets bored, she throws herself around to make the stroller snake through the lane, and laughs about it. This is not helpful when trying to run. She also tends to make monotonous noise when she gets bored. Like holding a single note continually... loudly... in a contained space that ECHOES! Needless to say her antics were throwing off my mojo. I will definitely leave the running & stroller pushing to Andy. It's bad enough I tend to drift when I'm tired without a baby throwing herself around for amusement!

After C25K, I went upstairs, dropped Grace off at the child care, and hopped on a stationary bike. Did 9 miles in 25 mins on that, then off to ellipticals. Did 2.17 miles on the elliptical with resistance intervals. In all, I burned 863 cals. I'm thinking of maybe doing some Wii Fit Plus tonight just for fun to round out at 1,000 cals for the day. I did the 863 cals at the RC in an hour and a half. it makes me wonder how fast I could do a half triathalon. I like to swim. I like to bike. Running is coming along. My fat little legs can pedal a stationary about 115 rpm. That's good, right?
I just shut my eyes and rock out to my tunes. I don't care what I look like. Head bobbing, mouth going, legs flying. That's all that matters.