Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So last night I was trying to remember my weight loss goal deadlines. I thought I had written them down in my blog, but apparently I haven't. I thought I would do that now for future reference.

Starting Weight: 248
Goal 1: Reach 20 lbs lost by New Years
Goal 2: Reach 50 lbs lost by my half birthday (March 23)
Goal 3: Reach 75 lbs lost by Grace's birthday (July 9)
Goal 4: Reach 100 lbs lost by my 28th birthday (Sept 23)

Also, just wanted to revisit and re-evaluate my running goals. Must fit kid #2 in.

Jan 30: Ran first 5k
Feb 1: Started C25K program
Mar 1: Run 1 mile nonstop
Apr 1: Run 5k under 30 min
Jun 1: Run 10k
Sept 23: Run half marathon by my bday
Oct 1: Start Marathon Training
May 2011: Run Marathon
August 2011: Start trying for kid #2
May 2012: Have kid #2
Sept 2012: Get back in shape by training for Susan G Komen for the cure 3-Day, 60 miler
Spring 2013: Start trying to qualify for Boston again
FINAL GOAL: Run Boston Marathon by 2015.
Try for kid #3 after Running Boston Marathon

I just feel like my family needs to get down here to earth. Maybe I'm selfish, but I like having my own cheering squad. For what it's worth, Grace loves to "work out" with me when I do Wii workouts on my off days. She jumps around, bobs up and down, rocks out. It's too cute. My little cheerleader.