Friday, March 12, 2010

The Incredibles

At what point does someone become a runner? Is it when the fat chick runs 10 minutes straight, or when the skinny chick who used to weigh 250 lbs finishes her first marathon?

The other night I had a dream that I ran a half marathon in an hour and thirty-three minutes. I was the winner. I couldn't believe it. I stopped for a moment to cry... then I looked up and saw the real finish line another couple hundred yards in front of me. I had been beaten and come in second. I was devastated.

I spent the day pondering this dream. Given the last few runs I've had, I think it was my soul telling me that I was quitting my intervals too soon. That I can do so much more. That I am tougher than I give myself credit for.

Today I ran 10 minutes straight. Towards the end of the interval, I almost started crying. Not because I was in pain, but that I was in amazement. I couldn't cry though. There was a cute guy running next to me. He was huffing and puffing too. One of us had to be strong for the other. After my 10 minute run (when I was only aiming for 5), I did a 5 min walk. Just as I started running again, said cute guy left. I know I shouldn't be concerned, me being married to the best guy in the universe (who happened to stay up last night till 4 in the morning stripping our bathroom floor by hand), I was kind of disappointed in cute young guy who seemed to be quitting awfully soon after starting. He came after I started, and left before I finished. I only ran 25 mins.

Between my iPod, Steve (who was really there for me today every step of the way with amazing, inspirational tunes), and The Incredibles on the plasma TV in front of me, I had an amazing run today. Remember: if the fat chick can run 10 mins straight, you can do INCREDIBLE things too! God gave us free agency for a reason. CHOOSE TO BE INCREDIBLE TODAY!


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thank youu x

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