Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eat Like A Dinosaur Review

So, first of all, I hope you survived my 30 day challenge from Feb 14 - Mar 17.  I'm a week in to my next round. 
That said, I got Eat Like A Dinosaur for Grace.  I thought it would be nice to have a book that she could relate to.  She's always telling me "Mommy, I will cook dinner tonight, and you will help."
So it was time to get her her own book, right?

I let her pick out recipes for the week.  It was nice to cook together, and the recipes were tasty, but none of them mind blowing.  I think the quality time together makes up for it though.  I give ELAD 3 stars.  Now, let's move on to the food porn.  It was all SUPER easy to make (always a bonus here).

First up:  pork roast & mushy apples.  I've been losing my taste for pork lately.  Mostly we just eat pork jowl bacon, ham, and sausages.  

Tuesday we had Rat on a Stick, which inspired a spin off recipe for me that I intend to post in the future when we're in a meat on a skewer mood again.

Wednesday was steak & strawberry salad.  This one I liked.  I would have preferred a more potent dressing, however.  I made a strawberry vinaigrette using ELAD's raspberry vinaigrette recipe.

Thursday was supposed to be meatball salad, but I didn't realize it was time to cook until Andy walked in the door.  So we ended up at Red Robin.  I'm a chipotle mayo addict.  We ended up having the meatball salad on Friday.

Our Saturday night meal was pineapple curry.  I really liked this one, but mainly because of the fresh pineapple.  It was like eating a candy bar.  If we ever went to Hawaii, I could totally see myself getting mouth sores from eating too many fresh pineapples!

Best of all, all of the meat seen in these pictures is grass fed or pastured by Christiansen Family Farm
Yay for almost an entire week of 100% Paleo dinners!


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