Monday, December 17, 2007

My Little Jumping Bean

Yes, yes. I know it's been a while since the last entry, but I didn't have a whole lot to say. It's been pretty quiet around here. I meant to update on Saturday about my anniversary, but got side tracked. I'll talk about the anniversary in a minute, but first I want to update you all on Mini Gerschler.

Today we had our appointment with the perionatalogist. We had another ultrasound, which seems puts my mind at ease as I can actually SEE and hear that everything is going the way it's supposed to. It was a long scan, and apparently Mini Gersch' didn't like it. He started jumping around. I'm not talking little blips, I'm talking SERIOUS AIR JORDAN! He'd hop 1/2 way up the uterus/womb. I was laughing so hard I started crying. I couldn't stop. It was just too funny. He was like "Dude. DUDE! GET OFF MY HEAD!!"
No more caffeine for you, Mini Gersch'.

When I told my mom she said "Wait a minute, how do you know it's a he?" I just told her, "Well, it's not very nice to call it an IT now is it?" She wasn't as nearly amused about the jumping around as my aunt was when I told her. I thought it was just about the funniest thing that's happened in a while. The humor is wearing off after not hearing a whole lot of people think it's as funny as I think it is. Andy was highly amused as well. It's good to know the baby is healthy and reacting to things. His little heart was doing 171 bpm. I thought it was a little fast, but the ultrasonographer said it was normal for this time frame. They've also got me all mixed up on my dates now. At the first scan they said 7 weeks (which means I'm 10 weeks this Wednesday), but today they measured the baby & said "You're eleven weeks, sister". Well, not in those words exactly, but I'm still confused.
So to point, we are having a Mini Gerschler some time in the summer of 2008. LOL.

I've enclosed the scans they did. You can really make out a lot more than at the first scan where we just stared into the black void and wondered what the heck we were looking at. Now we can see the eye, nose, mouth, and foot. Yay, Mini Gerschler has at least 1 foot! I guess I can't call him my little kidney bean anymore. I will have to start calling him my little Jumping Bean. Maybe just JB.

So anyway, now that we've talked about Mini Gerschler, we can discuss our sixth wedding anniversary. Andy figured it would be our last anniversary of freedom (ie: pre-kid), so he wanted to do something really special. So Friday afternoon he surprised me by coming home early and whisking me away to Salt Lake City. We spent the night at the Little America hotel, in the world's hardest bed. I like a firm bed, but not a hard one. This one was hard.
That night we walked to Temple Square to see the temple and the pretty Christmas lights. We also visited the beautiful family presentation thingy in the North Visitor Center. I recommend this for anyone who loves their family. It was extra special going with Andy and expecting our first baby. We are officially becoming a family.
So after that, we walked back to the hotel, got some dinner, and went to bed.
Andy gave me a really nice bath robe. When I opened it up, I gasped "Oh my gosh... you killed Elmo."
It's this lovely, incredibly soft, fuzzy robe... it looks like Elmo on Sesame Street got skinned a couple times. It's great.
The only downfall of the get away was that I got a big ol' blister on my toe from walking so much, so I was hobbling around the rest of the weekend. The other drawback that I'm terribly sad about is that I left my FAVORITE slippers at the hotel. My mom bought them for me for Christmas when she came to visit us in 2005... right before our road trip together. They were furry and rainbowy... much like many slain muppets. I used to joke about how many muppets I had to skin to make them. The hotel still hasn't called us back about finding them, so I'm down about that.
Can someone send me some incredibly furry, rainbowy slippers for Christmas please? They were super soft inside, and had a good rubber sole on bottom.

Anyway, at the bottom of this entry you'll find a picture from a scene at Temple Square. I guess I'll post another update after I see the dentist on the 20th or the OB/GYN on the 24th.
Enjoy your holiday festivities till then!


Ru said...

I think it's funny and so much like you it's not surprising. Dude, get off my head. Just wait it'll be you next saying "Dude, get off my bladder". Anyway, wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Your comments on the robe seriously made me laugh so hard. Thanks for the visuals tonight! :) I love your new ultrasound too. You can actually tell it's a baby!