Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cleatus & The Slacker

So I've been lame about doing updates, cuz I felt there wasn't a whole lot to update about.
Grace turned 6 months old on Jan 9... my mom's birthday, which I completely forgot to call her for *bangs head on desk*. I'm sure I would've realized by evening what day it was. I mean, REALLY! She's my MOM for cryin' aloud.
Grace seemed to enjoy her first Christmas, and likes the baby grand daddy bought her. We are still trying to teach her to smack the keys instead of grabbing them.

Mom came & visited us for Christmas, and tried to take Grace home with her via stowaway carry-on:

At Grace's 6 month checkup, the pediatrician cleared her for baby food! We have been having a lot of fun with it. I call her my lump of clay cuz I can feed her just about anything & she doesn't care. The only things she doesn't seem to like are the meat & broth baby foods and carrots. Carrots are the only thing she makes a face at. It's not the scrunched up yucky food baby face, but she kind of looks at me with disdain "Ugh... do I HAVE to eat this, Mom?"

She also successfully rolled from her back to her tummy last Thursday. I was very happy. She figured out tummy to back in December, so the circle is complete. She also does what my husband calls a "happy dance". It's very funny and cute. I will be sure to post a video of it at the end of this post. She was also blowing raspberries pretty consistently for a while, but she seems to have stopped for now. Those were pretty funny too.

As a final note, I went to see an ear/keloid specialist yesterday to have a very ugly mass of tissue removed from the top of my left ear. I call the keloid "Cleatus", cuz it's the ugliest name I can think of (Sorry to those of you reading this blog who are named Cleatus). I saw the doctor last year for it, but the treatment he suggested was going to be too dangerous for Grace who I was pregnant with at the time. The keloid has continued it's uncontrollable growth, and I was thrilled to hear Dr. Riddle tell me "It's got to come off, hon". I was so squirrely all of yesterday evening. They are going to call me this morning to set up the surgery. Man, I can't tell you how excited I am. I've never been this stoked to go under the knife before! LOL.
Consequently, would anyone like to take care of me and the baby that day? Hubby's can't really take any more time off, and I'll be really fun hopped up on all those pain killers. I hope I get demerol again, that stuff is great! Last time I had it, I asked my hubby the same question like 12 times throughout the day. I will most likely be getting my hair cut super short again for the surgery, to help avoid getting shaved.


PinkPanthress said...

She looks so sweet and lovely 'stuffed' in the baggage! ^_^