Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Settling Down

After last month's betrayal, scandal, and drama, I feel like things are starting to settle down. I haven't been to gym since my birthday, and after 2 weeks I figured I'd just wait out the month to see if it might reset my metabolism and get it going to a solid 2-3 pound loss per week again. I have an appointment coming up with Clarene next month. I will have to confess that I haven't used my insulin pump since I saw her last. I can't believe it's already check up time. I hope my blood sugar holds together just a little bit longer.

Was checking my email today and came across a fat loss program that sounded pretty impressive. It's put out by the same company that I got a protein shake sample from that was very healthy and tasted pretty good. I'm contemplating investing in it. I know I've already got some nice muscle built up, I just need to shred this fat off my gut, thighs, and bum. Oh, and did I mention I have collarbones now? It's so dumb how tickled I am to feel collarbones for the first time as an adult.

And just to get back on track...
What the toddler ate today:

pillsbury toaster scrambler
1/2 cup strawberry milk, 1/2 cup almond milk
fruit & jello cup
popcorn chicken
rainbow gold fish crackers
babybel light cheese round
steamed vegetables
chicken bruschetta bake.
1 cup water
1/2 cup light hawaiian punch mixed with 1/2 cup water

Went away with some girlie friends for the weekend. It was much needed & helped me forget about recent drama. Props to friend Tara for letting me steal this pic of us with our other friend, Macy.

Oh and I did an all girls 6k on the 9th. My friend, Laura, finished ahead of me, and said I was really trucking across the finish line. I felt like I was smokin', especially when photographer guy jumped out in front & snapped this pic:

Somewhere under that ginormous blue coat is a chubby white Kenyan! While there I signed up to be an assistant couch for Girls On The Run. It's a program for girls with lower self esteem. I was one of those girls once upon a time, and wanted to join and teach them that things get better down the road.

Looking forward to picking up hubby early today, and he said we might take Grace to Cornbellys after dinner. Yay for family time! When the three of us are together doing fun stuff, it makes me: