Monday, November 22, 2010


So I've fallen off of the NaNoWriMo wagon, but I'm hoping to do a little writing this week. I didn't get any bookings from any of the two parties I did, but I'm still trying to find more business. In the mean time, I will have time to write. Hubby was a prince and not only helped me prepare for my party this past Saturday, but also took catalogs & order forms to work. I hope I get some orders and/or party bookings. Saturday I went to my best friend's, Jazz, first baby shower. Her family was trusting enough to let me do the games (insert evil laugh here). My favorite one, that had everyone squealing for one reason or another, was the dirty diaper game, where you melt various & asundry chocolate bars in diapers, mush em up to look like poo, and everyone has to guess what it used to be. It gets wild when you tell the guests that there are no rules to figuring out what it was. You can poke it, smell it, even eat it. It gets a lot of laughs.
After the party, I drove home in a pretty gnarly winter sleet storm to a hard working hubby who busted his back to finish cleaning the house for me. I did most of it, but he put the finishing polish on. He then took Grace on a daddy daughter date to Pirate Island, which turned in to a Daddy, Daughter, Uncle date, LOL. Apparently, as they were passing near my brother in law's house, Grace pointed out the window: "Aaron! Coming?" So Andy said, sure, why not, and invited his brother to dinner too.

The chocolate party was fun. We made monkey mash trifle (which I pretty much invented the day before), using leftover truffle brownies, dipped in melted milk chocolate, with sliced bananas, mascapone whipped with white chocolate pb, and chai tea dip, all layered together in delicious magnificence. One guest was even licking the bowl after everyone left! They also seemed to enjoy my chocolate mocktails (virgin cocktails), and I got at least 1 order for a bottle. I got 4 orders at the party, and have 6 other catalogs & forms out at the moment. I mentioned this before, but I also sent catalogs to work with the husband. I'm hoping they'll order enough to make my party qualify for some free chocolate!

Anyway, I could sure use some party bookings so I can afford more supplies. If you know anyone who loves chocolate like I do, point them my way!
I've left fliers at a couple of stores. I'd print more off, but Andy's computer died. Wonder if there's any way to hook my printer up to my laptop.