Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Til Ya Wobble, Baby!

First, and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Today I want you to travel safely, and fully, guiltlessly enjoy the day's festivities. I am shamelessly enjoying a 4,000 calorie day. Try not to die from sticker shock, mmmkay? In all fairness, the first 2k calories were fresh veggies, pretzels, and dip. The turkey is just now going in to the oven. Hubby & I just put the Fu down for a nap, after an exciting morning of parade & dog show watching. Little monkey is convinced that the cheetohs are hers, lol. We put a couple goodies within reach of her, and she has really enjoyed the olives, pickles, carrots, and cheetohs. I even made ants on a log for her for the first time, using celery, creamy pb, and pomegranate craisins. It took a little convincing at first, but she eventually ate it.
The other night she was throwing up, so to see her appetite return so vigorously is encouraging. I'm glad she is feeling better so that she can enjoy the holiday with us.
Anyway, hubby is going to pick up his brother soon, and I will start mopping the kitchen. After that, it's time to brave making some Lion House rolls. I've never made rolls without using a bread maker, so I hope these turn out okay.
Last night I made a white chocolate wonderful chocolate mousse pie. Basically it's white chocolate pb, mascarpone, and chocolate mousse in a chocolate pie shell. Yum! Later on, I will whip up some whip cream from scratch and fold in a packet of Dove Chocolate Discoveries spiced chai tea. It will be the perfect addition. I am thinking of even going as far as dusting the pie with some Dutch cocoa powder. Pretty AND delicious!
Anyway, enjoy your day. Stay safe & warm!