Monday, November 15, 2010

Launch Party

Okay, so I've stalled on NaNoWriMo at 22k. It's okay, I'll catch up. I've just been so excited about Dove Chocolate Discoveries lately. I have my first party set up for this Wednesday, and then my official Launch Party on Saturday. I've already got 1 RSVP, and 2 others who said that they can't come, but would like to see the catalog. I am really looking forward to this!
I see Clarene for a check up on Thursday. I hope my hA1c is okay. I haven't had insulin since my last visit. She's going to be thrilled. And, yes, that WAS sarcasm. Halloween and a month off from the gym has no doubt wrecked my sugar levels. Well, I suppose it's always best to expect the worst and then be surprised by good news, right? Anyway, when she asks me what I've been doing, I'll confess to being naughty, and then I'll have the absolute gall to invite her to my party. I am sure she will ask how this is helping my diabetes, and I will gladly answer "Why, by increasing my desire to hit the gym so that I can have it, of course!"