Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fat Sprouts & Happy Piggy

I'll be updating this post throughout the day.

For those of you joining me on a 30 day sugar free journey, I hope you woke up with a food hangover and never want to see a sweet thing again. I hope your body triggers a hurl reflex when you think about even a spoonful of ice cream. That said, let's get some real food into your hung over body.

This morning I am enjoying a plate of brussel sprouts, pulled pork, and poached eggs (link here).

Get used to eating vegetables for breakfast, cuz it's a pretty normal thing in my house. In fact, I want you to get a ton of veggies that you think will taste good together, cuz on Friday we're making frittata! Almost every Friday, here, is Frittata Friday. Personally I like mushroom, baby spinach, sausage or bacon, bell pepper and green onion

For lunch-- soft tacos made with pulled pork, lettuce, salsa verde, and Pure Wraps.

I've been anxious to try Pure Wraps ever since I heard about them last year, but the shipping fee was a real turn off. A $4 item suddenly became $12 thanks to shipping. You can imagine my joy when I found them yesterday at my Real Foods store while running to pick up some raw milk for Grace. I yelped and grabbed half the cardboard flat full!

You will be pleased to know that they are tasty. Not coconutty at all! They are a little sweet, but tolerably so.

Also they hold up pretty well to bending and what not

I'm looking forward to playing with them some more (crepes, roll ups, raviolis, etc)

dinner was mushroom chicken from Paleo Comfort Foods. I was going to make the parsnip-turnip mash from Make It Paleo, but I didn't realize it took 45 mins and the chicken was nearly done. I'll save the mash for another night.

I hope you got 5 dozen eggs, bacon, butter, and brussels like I asked you to (oh and Make It Paleo, Everyday Paleo, and Paleo Comfort Foods).

Also make sure you weigh and measure yourself today. Record it somewhere. Hopefully, if you're honest with yourself, you'll be impressed with your results in 30 days.

Now go get some exercise outside of running out for groceries!