Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prep Guide to the Next 30 Days

On Sunday I issued a challenge. Not many have answered, but at least I'm upholding my end of the bargain. I want to give you a little prep guide so you can dive right in tomorrow and start the day right. Let's start with some super useful books. I will warn you that I'm going to yammer on about Paleo, but just stick with me for a minute, okay? Folks may be turned off by the term "paleo" by thinking it is some fad or meat-heavy diet. It's not. It's just good, old fashioned, clean eating like our ancestors did prior to the invention of the microwave and lean cuisine.

I want you to invest in yourself. I want you to treat yourself today to dark chocolate, bacon, and the following books (listed in order of awesomeness magnitude):

Make It Paleo is probably my current, most favorite cook book. It's ginormous, and has full color food porn on every page. Be still, my heart! We've yet to try a recipe from here we didn't like.

You may recall me cooking my way through Everyday Paleo in June. There were a few recipes we didn't care for, but overall it's a great book to have. I particularly like that Sarah Fragoso lists a 30 day meal plan, complete with grocery list and meals for the kids.

We just got this one for Valentines, so we haven't had a chance to cook out of it, but it's on the same level as Make It Paleo as far as sexy food porn goes. We're looking forward to working with it.

So I want you to get these books while you are out and about tonight, okay? I also want you to get uncured bacon, 5 dozen eggs, brussel sprouts, and REAL butter. Got it? Okay, GO!

For breakfast I'm thinking brussel sprouts cooked in butter (I'll be cooking mine in pastured lard. If you have access to pastured/grass fed lard, you can use it too), with leftover pulled pork.
It's gonna be a great lift day at the gym!

P.S. I shouldn't tell you this, but I sort of want you to gorge yourself on junk food today. If it has sugar, eat it (Pint of ice cream? Go for it! Entire chocolate bar? Yup). Eat so much of it that you puke (not joking). I want you to remember for the next 30 days how utterly crap-tastic bad food makes you feel so that you never crave it again.