Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As you can see, I FINALLY got a 5 month bump shot up. Which is great, because I'll be 6 months in a week or two, lol. Hubby made a big push last night & did lots of chores I'd been asking him to do for a couple of weeks, including taking my picture. Good hubby! *pat, pat*
As you can also see, I look like a giant moo-cow. Honestly, I swear I'm not this huge in person. You can hardly tell in person... but all of a sudden I lift up my shirt & HELLOOOOO MAMA! It's not just "Dude." But "DUUUUUUUDE!"
So, yeah, I jokingly whine that I'm a giant moo-cow. I will probably only get more giant as the months wear on.

In the last week or so, I've contemplated what to write about next. I have some ideas that I'll post today. First of all, however, I want to tell you about the dream I had last night. It's a simple one. I saw my Gracie again. I held her in my arms this time & stared into her blue eyes. They were the same shade as her Dad's. She wasn't very old, and I remember thinking she came very early (but she was ready!). My Mom was in town too, and we all went to church. It was my first time back at church, I think. My Mom was criticizing the way I was holding the baby, lol. I think she was more paranoid about Grace being fragile than I was. "Ah! You can't hold her like THAT!"
So what if I was still kinda green at the whole holding the baby thing? The important thing was that I was holding her & for the first time I didn't really care about what my mother said or thought, especially about my parenting skills.
In addition to the blue eyes, Grace again had the cutest chubbiest cheeks I'd ever seen. They were kinda droopy even, with a slight rosy tinge like mine. Her hair was blonde with a darker brownish tint on top. Definitely Daddy's girl ;)
She looked up at me with an expression of quiet wonder. I was in love.
Again, I think I will cling to this image for a long time.

So now that we're all full of lovey dovey warm squishies, let us address some of the thoughts I've had since the last post.

The Top 10 Pros & Cons of Pregnancy (in no particular order)

1) Almost everyone is nice to you.
2) You have new excuses to eat what you want, when you want & no one thinks it's weird.
3) You find yourself falling in love with your partner all over again.
4) You have new, wonderful excuses to go shopping!
5) The fact that there will be a new person in your life to love forever can be exciting and joyful.

1) Sleep becomes increasingly more difficult.
2) You can't remember a @&*$ thing anymore.
3) You become butterless butterfingers. Everything seems to drop out of your hands by mistake at the worst possible time & make a mess of and by itself.
4) You start leaking in places you weren't formerly aware really existed.
5) The fact that there will be another person in your life who is entirely dependent on you can be terrifying and surreal.

Okay, so that's only 5 each... but that equals 10! Down the road I'll do more as I think of them. I'm sure "Everyone thinks you're Buddha-- Rub ma belly!" will be on there somewhere. It's yet to happen (again, because I'm not really showing), but it's bound to at some point.

Anyway, I have an ultrasound next week which I'm excited for. It will be great seeing how much the baby's grown. I'm sure she's plotting unique ways to amuse us right now.