Monday, November 16, 2009

1,000 Calories And Counting

So I was planning out my meals for the week on My Fitness Pal, and can't figure out what I want for lunch on Wednesday. After I do my workout (which burns 300-400 calories), I will have 1,000 calories to consume. What would you do if you could eat 1,000 calories of food? Would you go for that super greasy cheeseburger, mega sized fries, and ultra indulgent shake, or would you eat as you normally do?
That is my dilemma.
I thought about getting a P'Zone from Pizza Hut, which I LOVE. Then I kinda went "Meh". I thought of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonalds... "Meh." I thought of all of my old favorite foods. All of them, at this point, are "Meh". Do you see what's happening here? After eating healthy for just a few weeks, I no longer crave crap.

This is great news in two parts.
1) Healthier eating
2) Healthier pocketbook

Face it... if you're not eating crap, you're not wasting money. And for anyone who thinks it's too expensive to eat fresh, you need to seriously reconsider. The following recipe costs less than $20 to make, will feed a family of 4, and is just as good as a restaurant entree:

Trish's Mind-blowing Mojito Lime Chicken Wraps
(You can purchase all of the following at Walmart)

1 package flatout flatbread (grab 2 for yourself)
1 packet Wholly Guacamole 100 cal snack packs (for every 2 wraps)
1 container pico de gallo (use 1/2 for every two wraps)
1 package shredded lettuce (put as much as you want on yours)
1 lb chicken breast (1/4 lb per wrap)
1 red bell pepper (1/4 pepper per wrap)
1 packet McCormick Grill Mates mojito lime season/marinade

Prepare mojito lime marinade as directed. Cut slits in chicken breast (to absorb dressing) and allow it to marinate for as long as possible (the longer, the better, but 30 mins will do ya if that's all the time you have). Grill the breast & chop it up. Julienne the bell pepper. Spread the guacamole across the 2 flatbreads (don't worry, the serving is quite generous). Pile on pico de gallo, lettuce, bell pepper, and chicken breast. Roll your wraps up to make 2 wraps. Consume and be amazed at how fast you fill up!

One wrap is only 290 calories... I was full after the first one.