Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holy Weight Loss, Batman!

So, on October 18, I decided to get a hold of my life and start losing weight. My goal is to get down to 150 lbs by my 28th birthday in September. I started at 248 lbs, my heaviest and most embarrassing weight ever. The first week I went walking every day, 1 mile. I dropped 2.5 lbs that week. It was really exciting. Since then, between illness and bad weather, I haven't been able to. I even had a really terrible weekend calorie-wise and was afraid I'd put my weight back on. I had dropped about 3 lbs at that point, and was stuck at 244. I bought a Wii, hoping it would help me keep exercising over the winter. It came with Wii Sports, and I had ordered some other fitness games. The Wii showed up on my doorstep Saturday night, and I started playing it Sunday. I love the baseball and boxing because I can swing as hard as I want. They work up a good little sweat too. The other games arrived last night and I'm looking forward to trying them today.
Anyway, I was saying I was stuck at 244, right? Well I weighed myself this morning and I'm down to 241. HOLY WEIGHT LOSS, BATMAN! Was I retaining 3 lbs of water & peed it out or something?! I'm just floored. Who the heck drops 3 lbs overnight?
My goal is to drop a total of 20 lbs by Christmas. Let's hope that little Wii kicks my butt into shape. It's a lot of fun. Every day I feel like I want to do more, exercise wise. I've even started craving veggies instead of taco bell. Feeling adventurous? Try the 6" veggie delight at Subway on wheat, no cheese, all the veggies, and sweet onion sauce. Mmm, mmm, good! It's less than 300 calories, too, and I'm pretty sure 200 of them are in the bread. If you're looking for a splurge, Taco Bell can serve any of their items fresco style, which can cut up to 100 calories.
Anyway, just wanted to report some good news.


Tara said...

woo-hoo!! that's great, Trish! congrats!!! keep going with the weight loss. as soon as I'm done nursing, I'll be on that boat with you. :)