Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't Laugh

Okay, so try not to laugh here. Last night, since I was so excited about losing that extra pound, I decided to try and figure out what I would look like at my goal weight. So I found this site that you can make a virtual model. I plugged in my vitals, and... I'M HOT! I can't wait, it just motivates me that much more.
Try not to laugh, but this is what I want to look like next summer:

My Virtual Model Community - DrBorkBork looks - Stylin

Okay, that... but less CGI-ish. I hear you giggling there. Shush.


Tara said...

wow!!!! I'm gonna have to try that....I now have an extra 25 or 30 lbs to take off with Nutrisystem. you rock, girlfriend! keep that weight coming off!!