Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lights, Heat, No Action!

Yesterday we became owners of a new microwave. Our first one gave out after 10 years of faithful service. It probably just needs a part replaced, but the place we got it from charges $50 just to figure out what it is, then however much the parts cost. By that point, you might as well buy a new microwave. It stopped heating food. Do you know how irritating it is to cook a 1 min breakfast for 30 mins and still have it ice cold? Yargh!

Grace has croup. She's had a cough for over a week. I thought she was getting better last week. It sounded like the cough was a little phlegmy, but ready to get it out of the system. It got worse over the weekend, and I took her to the doctor yesterday. She had croup & ear infection. Poor baby! Why can you not stay healthy for more than 5 mins?

Today I made truffles. I didn't want to use the heavy whipping cream I'm saving for tomorrow's chocolate party, so I used Irish Cream coffee mate instead. They turned out really yummy! They were super easy to make. Just chop up the chocolate, place in bowl, steam the cream, pour over the chocolate, allow to melt, stir until smooth. Throw in fridge. Wait 2 hours. Mellon ball those dark, silky babies, and roll in your choice of goodness. I did crushed peanuts, and crushed watermelon life savers, but most of them were rolled in dutch cocoa powder. They are terrific! I want to share them with everybody.

For lunch today, Grace had Farm Rich pizza slices, animal crackers, mandarin oranges, and almond milk. We're having turkey burgers for dinner.

The White Glove Inspector (AKA Ma) will be here in just over 2 weeks.