Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rough Night

Last night was rougher than the bark on a tree. Grace started coughing when she got up from her nap Thursday afternoon and coughed all day. In the morning, she was still coughing. I called the doctor, because I wasn't sure what I should do. She had just about finished off her meds, and she sounded awful. The doctor said that it was a good thing, and she needed to cough out the rest. She coughed ALL day. Pretty much nonstop. It continued ALL night. Andy & I worked in shifts. I'd get up 4 times, then Andy would. Grace finally got a little sleep around 3, and went to 6, then wanted to be sung back to sleep after a coughing fit. Up again at 7:30. Andy put her back down. She slept til 10. I went out to get groceries while she stayed home with daddy. When I got back, he said she hadn't coughed once. In fact, she ended up not coughing at all, the entire day. WAHOO! She just now had a couple of coughs, after dinner. We had baby spinach & chicpea pasta. She just wanted the pasta, and ate about 1/2 a cup, with applesauce, and chocolate milk (I made it with torani sugar free chocolate syrup & unsweetened almond milk).
Now we're off to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point, and reindeer. I bet she'll love it. I hope her night is as silent as today. We could all use the rest.