Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The White Gloved One Cometh!

Today is December 21. In just a few days, a certain loveable, chubby, bespeckled person will come into our home. They will wear white gloves, eat junk food, decide if we've been naughty or nice, and then leave.
This person is my mother.

Years ago, she called herself the White Glove Inspector, and no matter how much time I spend cleaning my house, I feel like it is never good enough. She joked this morning that she will wear black gloves this year, but it occurred to me over lunch that dust shows up even worse on black gloves than white gloves! At least I feel that I've gotten to a point in my life where I've stopped trying. It's a whole lot less stressful. I will clean the house to the point where I am happy with it, and leave it at that. If she is unhappy, there is a La Quinta & Marriott within a 5 min walk of the house.

In light of this, here is my to do list:

Take broken microwave to Mending Barn and never return! (They said they'd take it off my hands. I just can't stand to think of it in a landfill).
Declutter House.
Put up new curtains so I don't have to look at ugly blanket that's been over our window for a year.

Finish Decluttering
Scrub Tub
Wash Car
Have Andy do Dishes

Laundry (particularly wash sheets in pull out bed)

Somewhere in this time span, I also want to go to store & buy gingerbread house kit. I think Grace would have fun making one.
I have this innate desire to go on a baking binge, including the creation of cake balls (Elfling Poop for Ma's stocking, LOL), truffles, and stained glass cookies.
I wonder if this will help the holiday mood at all, as I want to elf my neighbors (ding dong ditch the goodies)