Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

So, except for a slight difference of opinions with brother-in-law Aaron, it's been a great Thanksgiving week.
I was able to enjoy the big day without too many problems. My blood sugar was even decent after a nice slice of homemade chocolate peanut butter supreme pie, and a big helping of mashed potatoes. Okay, okay... my sugar wasn't where it was SUPPOSED to be, but it was alright for a non-diabetic, unpregnant person.
I got some purell hand sanitizer, thinking it would help me when I didn't have access to a sink. It took me only a couple of days before realizing THAT wasn't going to work. For instance, last night I made mashed potatoes, and corn, to go along with the leftovers we had. Granted, I know mashed potatoes spike my sugar big time, but I took enough insulin to counter-balance that. So you can imagine my horror when I tested 3 hours later, using the purell stuff, and get a reading of 419. HOLY HANNAH!
So I ran to the sink to have a good scrub, grumbling and what not. I retest, and it's in the 190s. Not the greatest, but definitely not 419. So hand sanitizer won't cut it for sugar taking. There goes my $3, and 6 bottles of purell.
So, yeah. We're rounding the turn into week 8 here. I've been really grateful to not have morning sickness up to this point. My appetite's been great, and I was able to enjoy Thanksgiving. The next day, guess what shows up. We had a little luncheon at our friend's, Mike & Kathy's house and somewhere between the texture of the casserole, and the sweetness of the pumpkin soup on top that I thought was gravy, I got REALLY queasy. I had hubby finish the rest of my lunch. I was queasy again last night and almost had to make a bathroom detour, but I managed to keep it down. Bile in the mouth is not pleasant. Thank heavens for sugar free icebreakers.
I guess the good Lord is telling me, "Okay, hon. I let you have your Thanksgiving, now we play my game."
Mike & Kathy loaned us "The Bible" when we told them about the impending Mini Gerschler. If you've ever been pregnant, you know what "The Bible" is: What to Expect When You're Expecting. I knew most of the stuff in there already from what I read online, but it had some good pregnancy recipes to help cope with morning sickness, as well as balance out all that nutrition. And you know how I was worried about not having symptoms? The Bible has put my mind at ease, listing a symptom that I read nowhere else online. Maybe it's no mystery to you, but flatulence is my new friend. For the past several days I have had some really mean gas, aggravated only by... you guessed it: TURKEY!!
Why doesn't anyone tell you that FARTING is a pregnancy symptom? I can finally keep up with hubby in the CO2 department.
Hubby was loaned Pregnancy Sucks for MEN. Dunno what he's gotten out of it so far, other than not to provoke Shera. Maybe Aaron should read this book.

So, we meet Dr. Broberg in just 2 days. Even though I'm aware there will be much poking, prodding, and exploring of the dark expanse of the southernmost cavern, I am looking forward to the appointment. As a diabetic, I am used to having my blood drawn & what not, and while I don't enjoy gynecological exams, I am eager to know if the baby is doing okay. The Bible has helped put my mind at ease with symptoms and physical changes I wasn't really aware of, but the rest is up to the doctor.
I also spent some time last week making appointments with the dentist (who I haven't seen in 7 years), and getting the keloid on my ear fixed. I have a cavity right now that's really bothering me, so although there will be pain and expenses, I will be finding oral relief by this time next week. The keloid will have to wait until January, as the doctor is booked solid through then. I hope being booked like that means he's really good. I am having a harder time sleeping at night due to the discomfort.
Speaking of sleeping, I am missing my 4 hour naps right about now. Already, I can only snooze for about an hour before getting uncomfortable and waking up. I tried sleeping with a body pillow last night, but unless I was sleeping with it wrong, it didn't help the situation. My legs feel all funny. It's not RLS, as I don't get tingling or anything like that. I just can't find a comfortable position for them.
Hooray for the miracle of expanding body parts.