Friday, November 9, 2007

Oh, Baby!

A week ago today I found out that I am expecting my first baby. It's kind of a funny story actually. I'm diabetic & just got off the pill in early September. Okay, well that's not very funny, but...
Last Thursday I had this great dream that I tested and it came out positive. So in the morning I tested and only saw 1 line. Keep in mind I didn't wait the full 3 mins, but just got peeved about
wasting another test & threw it in the trash. Well later that day I was thinking how one of my friends said test results only keep for like 15 mins-- this conversation came about when I told her I wanted to give a positive pregnancy test result to one of my best friends on her 25th birthday-- so on a whim (to see if what she said was true) I fished the test out of the trash and there were 2 lines. AHHHHHH!!! So I ran to the store, picked up some more, went home and tested. Right away a positive result showed up.

So I snagged husband, Andy, & we had a little cuddle in the bedroom. I asked him if he loved me & if he was ready to be a Dad, and showed him the test. He was in shock. We obviously didn't expect to get pregnant this fast since I just got off the pill in September and have PCOS/Stein Leventhal. I've joked the last few months that it would take an act of God to get pregnant right away. Well guess what. GOD LIVES! LOL.

Andy is excited, but nervous. "Ooh," he says, "New baby to hold, but ooh... baby's are expensive, but OOH OOH!! New baby to love and cuddle with". Last night we bought the baby a jacket. It was on clearance. A little green jacket with a blue rocking horse over the heart, and it says in building blocks below it "My Pony". I couldn't have been giddier.

Anyway, I'm still sort of feeling like I'm dreaming it all. It's a very surreal thing. I worry because I don't have a whole lot of serious symptoms... yet. No morning sickness, no sore breasts... I'm
just tired a lot, get whoozy when I go to stand up, and have a little indigestion (Sometimes I poke my tummy & say "Hey, you in there! Whatcha doin? You ok?" Just cuz I feel so great right now). Oh and certain smells and thoughts of specific foods make me a little queasy. Like last night Andy was cooking fajitas, and I was sitting back here in the office. I could swear I was standing right next to the onions because my eyes were watering like crazy. Suddenly I have superhuman powers! I've decided my super hero name shall be SHERA! LOL
Shera has already attacked the kitchen, reorganized all of the cabinets, and labeled all the spices. My doctor tells me nesting isn't supposed to start for several more months, but I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Shera.

Anyway, my sugar has been great all of a sudden. (Yeah, Baby, you just take all the sugar you want, honey-- Mom don't mind good numbers!) It was bad after I stopped working at the local stable because I wasn't exercising as much or as hard, but now it's been really good-- especially after dinner. But my numbers aren't where my doc wants them, and she suggested an insulin pump. We are considering getting one. I did some reading, and they're really cool. I'll have to tell you about them if our insurance will cover the pump.

So that's all I can think of to share for now. My biggest fear is losing the baby since I am considered a high risk pregnancy with my diabetes & all. I can stand the idea of sleepless nights & morning sickness, but the thought of miscarrying after telling people we're expecting, that would just be so heart breaking. I am so excited and happy right now, I don't want to lose that feeling... though I imagine some of it will be diminished when I tell my mom. I dread telling her.
When I asked my mom last spring if she was ready to be a grandma, she said no & seemed peeved. She chided us about getting out of debt first. My friend, Sam, found out a couple of nights ago, and she said "Man, your Mom is gonna be soooo pissed." And I was like "Yup." Everyone else is gonna be thrilled for us, but my mom will probably be very upset and yell at us. Heaven forbid I be married to my husband for 6 years and wait till I'm 25 before having kids. That's just the way my mom is.

Andy and I will tell her tonight or tomorrow. Wish us luck!