Friday, August 6, 2010

Answering Service

I love our new "answering service".
When Andy & I see an unfamiliar number in the evening (usually a telemarketer), we let Grace answer. We tell her it's for her, and to pick up the phone. Being the sweet, helpful, obedient, and very social two-year-old she is, she obliges.
"Lello? Uh-huh. Elephant. Phhhht! Buh-bye." *click*

I'd almost feel sorry for the telemarketer if listening to her carry on a conversation wasn't so gosh darn funny.

Great news, by the way, I saw a glimpse of 185 yesterday. Then I blew it by splurging on a hot pastrami, swiss, kraut, and deli mustard sandwich for lunch. Got back down to 186.2 today, but didn't workout. I feel as though I ate pretty healthy today, though. I had a bowl of kashi cereal for breakfast with a whole banana, pineapple chicken for lunch, fruit for afternoon snack, skinless chicken thigh, peppered veggies, and pasta roni for dinner, and even snuck in some dark chocolate gelato. Should probably hit the gym tomorrow so I'm not a total hoser.


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