Monday, August 23, 2010

Insulin Shminsulin!

Last week I had my regular three month check up with my diabetes practitioner, Clarene. After showing her the pants, we talked about the possibility of getting off of insulin. I had a blood test done, and was patiently waiting for results... all week.
I didn't realize until Saturday that our answering machine was full, and I thought "I wonder how many calls are on voice mail". Voice mail was pretty busy, too! Clarene had called... TWICE! Argh! She gave me her cell phone number, but I didn't want to bother her at home. I mean, really, who wants to be bothered by their patients at home on their days off? So I waited until today (Monday). That was fun, because I spent a good deal of the morning playing phone tag. I called her, but she was in with a patient, so I left a message. Then, while I was on the phone with another doctor, she called. I called her back, but she was in with another patient. She called me on her lunch break with the test results.

Great news. I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reverse my diabetes. She said that getting off of insulin is a possibility. So that's what I'm going to spend time working toward. This journey isn't about weight loss any more. It's about righting a wrong. I feel as though I brought this disease upon myself, and it's my job to chase it off. If there's even the tiniest of possibilities, I'm going after it.
I'm optimistic. Yesterday I took off my insulin pump and have been too lazy to put it back on. I had a horribly sugary snack last night before bed. One that would spike anyone's sugar (torched ginormous campfire marshmallow, smooshed between two keebler fudge grahams, and washed down with chocolate milk, anyone?)
My sugar was 133 this morning. BOO-YAH! Up to 120 prior to eating breakfast is terrific. Considering that atrocity I ate before bed with no medication, I think 133 is pretty fabu, too.

So the goal is to:
1) stop being lazy & put my pump back on after I finish typing this post
2) gradually dial down the amount of insulin I take on a daily basis until I don't take it anymore.

It's a long road, but if it means I can cure diabetes, I'll travel it. I hope to look you in the eye one day and tell you: "If you're diabetic, there's a cure for it. It's YOU."


Edie Mindell said...

I like your positive vibe girl.:-) You are a very optimistic and vibrant woman which shows in the way you express your feelings in your posts. Stay strong and positive.:-)